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EOS Is Climbing the Ladder of Industry Success

Seven short years ago, EOS was just a great idea that hadn’t yet been executed. However, once the founders of EOS convinced Walgreens to carry their lip balms, the sales proved that consumers liked the product. This led to placement in Walmart and Target, and now celebrities like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus use EOS lip balms, which makes the products more popular with the public. A number of beauty publications, including Cosmo and Allure, have also featured EOS several times, and have praised the ingredients and smooth texture of the long-lasting and flavorful lip balms.

EOS lip balm is currently the second best-selling brand in the U.S., behind Burt’s Bees. EOS has even surpassed Blistex and Chapstick, well-known lip balm companies that have been around for years.

Sanjiv Mehra, an EOS cofounder, stated that the company has been pretty quiet about its inner workings, and admits that now is the time to give customers more information. He states that the natural and organic ingredients in EOS lip balms are appealing to customers, and that the company strives to make customers just a little happier throughout the day with pleasantly scented lip balms that condition and smooth the lips.

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