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Fashion And Function Meet In 2015 Men’s Shoes

Men have become increasingly savvy in the area of fashion. While women have long identified with quality brands, especially in footwear, men have lagged behind. Fashion forward shoes for men can mean different things to different personalities. Some feel that their shoes must bear a visible recognizable pedigree as an indicator of their social status. These men will spend an amount on one pair of italian shoes that some pay on their monthly mortgage. Others, in the desire to appear on the cusp of the latest trends, want shoes that are edgy, regardless whether the appearance is pleasing to the eye. In both these cases, functionality seems to fall at the end of the priority list. Appearance is everything. At the opposing end of the men’s footwear spectrum is the man who doesn’t give a moment’s thought to his shoes. His feet are covered, and that is enough. Never mind that the shoes are the same type he wore all those years ago when he was a penniless college student! Surely there must be a footwear solution.

The best thing that has happened in men’s footwear is the Paul Evans line of shoes. Actually, the founders considered it more of a philosophy when they embarked on their initial foray into the shoe market. These men, fans of quality footwear themselves, began their quest by traveling internationally. Settling upon Italy, they found an established family of footwear craftsmen. With this direct method of manufacture-to-sale trade, they accomplished their goal of bringing old world artisan-quality footwear to the consumer. They present the classics, oxfords and loafers, in a variety of beautiful calfskin and styles. Their line also includes fashion boots as well as the most urban on-trend leather high-top sneakers.

From the weekend farmer’s market to the boardroom and out for a formal evening, the Paul Evens line of footwear answers both form and function criteria. With the reasonable price point, these investment quality shoes will become the staple of the contemporary men’s wardrobe.

The Hottest Shoes for Men in the Winter of 2015

Men have no shortage of shoe choices in 2015. This winter brings a plethora of choices for men that are interested in things like dressy and casual styles of shoes. Men may not buy as many shoes as women during the year, but the shoe choices that are available this winter will give many men a reason to do some extra shopping.

The hot shoe trends are well documented through the social media atmosphere. When it comes to the winter months the boots are typically one of the most stylish shoe designs for men. North Face, for example, has a boot that is quite popular in the northern states. The North Face jackets have been high in popularity for many years, and now men are embracing these stylish two tone boots by this designer. The most popular of the boot styles is the two tone brown and black boot. This is an insulated boot so it is very popular for men that live in climates where the weather is cold.

Another brand that has managed to become popular for the winter months is Paul Evans. This is the official Italian leather shoe company that takes pride in quality leather. There is an assortment of shoes from this collection, but the Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford shoes may be the most popular pair for business men. These shoes are stylish and sexy. The Italian leather of these shoes makes it incredibly easy for men to keep these shoes for many years. That is what makes this one of the most trendy shoe brands on the market. Men are going to embrace those shoe brands that last for a long time because men do not buy shoes as often as women. Paul Evans makes handcrafted shoes that are special orders from only the best leather in Italy.

Merrell is another trendy shoe designer that has managed to peak the interests of male consumers with the Merrell Traveler shoes. This is a comfortable style of shoes that is rather low key, but it is the perfect casual shoe for slacks. This shoe has a full grain leather upper and it is known for the air cushion that makes all day walking much easier. This is a great winter shoe for the travelers that may be on road trips.

Lakeside offers great boat shoes for men that are interested in this look. Some places in the south like Miami and Houston don’t really experience cold winters so the boat shoes are still worn during this time of year. Lakeside offers the waterproof leather shoes that are also slip resistant. There are a lot of trendy styles out there, and the shoes above are among the best.