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Eric Pulier and the Role of the Prepared Entrepreneur

There are a ton of entrepreneurs out in the world all doing their thing. The one concept that they all have in common is their willingness to attack an industry and a job which has no clear and defined path. With that being said, you will see some common traits among these entrepreneurs. In the tech field there is one name that frequently rises to the top of conversation, Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is the founder of vAtomic Systems, a digital micro-transaction company, as well as the famous XPrize Foundation. Pulier’s work has long been a favorite of ours to follow due in large part to his process and the innovation he brings to his companies.

For Eric Pulier success can be broken down to habits. A strong positive habit can inform many of your decisions that you make as an entrepreneur and as an entrepreneur you need to be ready at the snap of your fingers. For Pulier his best habit is his meticulous list keeping. Pulier always has a way to take notes or jot down ideas with him at all times. Pulier keeps his smart phone or his laptop on hand and he’s always ready to funnel inspiration. Pulier says, “I try to write down key words of ideas and inspirations that might hit at any time of day or night.”

You can’t just make great habits and expect success to follow. Sometimes you have to be ready to look at something old in a new way. That is how Pulier approached his work with vAtomic Systems. Pulier monitored marketing trends and looked to disruptive technology, technology that creates a fundamental change in a marketplace, in order to get to his idea. He cites Google Maps and the GPS smart phone as an example of disruptive technology. Pulier goes on to say, “It became clear that macro elements were in place to fundamentally impact the economy.” This, of course, is in reference to his work at vAtomic Systems.

Eric Pulier came up from a small child in New Jersey to become one of the biggest tech innovators in Los Angeles. He is the father of four and has played a part in founding or funding 12 different companies in his career.

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Ditching High Priced Internet Plans

If you are looking for a much more affordable wireless internet plan, with a lot more ways to customize your plan, you should check out FreedomPop. If you have not heard of FreedomPop, they are a wireless internet provider that offers a variety of different set up plans, with plans that can be had for very cheap, as well as fully free options. The biggest reason that FreedomPop created their internet service is the fact that there have been ever increasing costs for internet access. If you want to get a plan for your tablet, or for your phone, there is a very good chance you are going to have to sign up for a service that is going to be a monthly charge that can be quite high, all billed on a long term contract. This is more than most people can bite off, especially when you take a look at our current economy.

FreedomPop has paved a path for people to get access to the internet, not only in a much easier way, but for much cheaper overall costs. No one wants to have to fork over a decent amount of their check, only to get access to the internet, which is why there are so many positive reviews and happy customers online. Reading a single FreedomPop review online will likely show you that people truly are happy with the internet service that they have received from FreedomPop. The best part about signing up with them is the fact that there is little investment, as well as little risk that you are going to have to continue paying for a service you don’t like. FreedomPop is run on a month to month program, which means at any point in time, if you are not fully satisfied with the service that you are receiving, you can cut off your service. At the same time, if you want to switch over from using a smaller wifi hotspot, to a bigger system, you can also make that switch with ease. This is a system that has provided a massive amount of convenience to everyone that is willing to look for a better option when it comes to obtaining internet service. If you are sick of paying the high prices for internet and want a more reasonable monthly bill, or if you simply want free access, you may be able to get it with FreedomPop.

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Expand Your World With FreedomPop

FreedomPop isn’t just for Los Angeles anymore! With a new global hotspot and SIM, its service is now available in the following countries; US, Czech Republic, UK, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Luxemburg, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, and Norway. Though, by the end of the year, it will also be available to at least 40 more countries, which would include parts of latin America and Asia, as well.

FreedomPop is offering a special price of $49.99 for the hotspot, and $10 for the SIM. Though, eventually, the hotspot’s price will be raised to $99.99. The concept behind this technology is that as FreedomPop expands, the new countries will be remotely updated into the SIM. With the price of the hotspot, 200 MB of data are included.

FreedomPop has done well on its own, earning $50 million independently from sales. The company also accepted financing, so that its total funds to keep this company expanding amounts to $109 million dollars. Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s co-founder and COO explained that the financing allows Freedompop to become one of the top 10’s global service providers. According to Sesar, the global network “ an exciting way to give consumers free Internet access across the world and eliminate roaming costs no matter where they are.”

So don’t miss your chance to become one of FreedomPop’s new customers! Look out world, here it comes!

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A New Competitor for Telecommunications?

A recent article by details potential competitor to pre-existing large telecommunications companies. The company called FreedomPop, based in Los Angles, California, has raised an additional fifty million dollars towards expanding their network and their company. They provide talk, text, and wireless internet internationally. FreedomPop specializes in free or low cost calling and texts. They carry the major brands of smartphones and are much more suited to a “light” user. A “light” user is considered to be someone who uses less than a gig of data, or spends much of their time connected to wifi.
The company is attracting headlines and major news outlets like Fox News, Forbes, and more. There are several reasons why this company is so attractive to consumers. They don’t have contracts, carry all the major smartphone brands, have good signal coverage, allow unlimited calling and texting between their brand of phones, allow hotspot roaming, and give users free international calling to around sixty countries. The company prioritizes wifi texting and calling, allowing them to utilize the internet to perform these tasks. The appeal is most certainly there when compared to large telecommunication companies like AT@T and Verizon, where usually a user is contractually obligated and pay a decent fee monthly. College students, the everyday worker, essentially anyone who is connected to wifi for a good portion of the day may want to consider checking them out. FreedomPop is continuing to expand and make waves in the industry. As of right now they aren’t owned by their competitors yet, and continue to look for funding.