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Online Reputation Crises Are Things Takes Care Of

The internet has become the place to find out just about anything you want to know about any person, or any company. Because of how social media, forums, and other Q&A and review sites affect perception, it’s not enough for business owners and leaders to just create content to market and sell their products and services, they now have to undertake full digital reputation management. According to Forbes, this is because if negative information surfaces around the web and is not addressed, your search results could take a massive hit and you could lose a lot of customers. So it’s important to take steps to make sure your reputation is positively viewed.

One way to address reputation damage, or even prevent it is to be active on social media so you can interact with your customers and keep them updated with any concerns they may have. You also should consider running your website over multiple domains, keeping it updated, and even putting out press releases to get out good publicity for your company more often. Your company’s reviews are probably the biggest component of its success as new customers want to know what they are getting before they buy. While companies that have good customer service will usually have more positive than negative reviews, almost nobody ever gets untouched by a bad review by that one unhappy customer. When you run into a bad review that may not be completely true even, don’t lose your temper as that’s bound to make the situation worse, but instead go to to see how they can clean up your online reputation. can remove bad search results and will comb through negative content and works on your behalf to remove it. They can take down a lot of things from old and irrelevant reviews, to blogs, and bad information that should not be on Google’s front page. You can simply go to and see how they can clean up your online reputation. But you should contact them as soon as possible as they can only tackle so many projects at once.

Five Ways to Silence the Haters

Trust and reliability are just a few characteristics that make up an entrepreneur’s reputation. This in turn brings you customers because they trust you and know you’ll deliver. No issues for your business would be great, but let’s get real: You will have issues. With fame comes enemies. People you’ve never heard of suddenly come out of the woodwork to destroy your good name. Left to their own devices, your customers will start to believe the lies. Here’s some things you can do to uphold your reputation.

Don’t get on their level.

Don’t let emotions guide you
Doing it makes you look unprofessional
It doesn’t solve anything
Ignore them, let your character speak for you

Let customers know it’s business as usual.

Customers fear this leads to loss in productivity or a closed business
Let them know you’re here to stay

Offer extra value to tune out haters.

You have customers because of your offered value
The more value offered, the less customers focus on naysayers
Customers prefer good content to gossip

Ask for help.

Talk to others to gain insight
Various perspectives are helpful
Don’t hold onto your anger, talk it out with someone you trust
This site,, can also help you clean up negative articles online

Keep your eye on the ‘why’.

You had a reason for starting your business
Never lose sight of that reason!

An attack on your reputation can seem daunting at first, but just make a plan and stick with it. Ignore those who wish to bring you down. And remember, to clear your good name, visit Hope you found these tips helpful, and keep being great!

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