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Alex Pall and The Drive to Create Music That Gives Meaning to People

As true today as it was when the art of music began to reach commercial popularity, the creation of a song is only successful not in its profit, but in how it touched its listeners. The listeners’ love for the music is translated into their revealed preferences through their purchase of the songs.

It is also good to know that musicians right now understand the importance of this act of deviating a bit from profit and mostly do it for the love and meaning of it. One of the many groups of artists today that offer this kind of approach in music-making is The Chainsmokers. With Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart churning out music every so often, it’s not hard to see that their passion is not just on the money.

The Alex Pall Interview

This act of deviation from profits alone and more on rooting or zeroing in on the act of expression through music can be seen in the Alex Pall interview at the Interview Magazine. We can read and learn a lot about The Chainsmokers from that interview, and one of them would be the fact that it’s the real mission of The Chainsmokers to make their songs as catchy but also an emotionally charged masterpiece of a song as it can be.

We can get a lot of things from listening to music, but Alex Pall and the entire gamut of The Chainsmokers attempts to do more. It wants to put stories in otherwise monotone EDM music. It elevates EDM as a platform for frisson of feelings, and a wonderful set of emotions that can only be experienced through good writing.

We also learned in The Interview Magazine that even as a young kid, Alex Pall is already one who wants to create more art as a DJ. He realized that dance music was the one that gave him meaning, that gave him the drive to achieve more, and that gave him the desire to find the artistic path for his life.

Aside from how they began, it is also in the interview that we learned how Alex makes sure that all the gigs that he does could all contain the kind of music that helps people get the feeling of being alive that is mostly what music wants to always give to mankind.

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The Forefront of Entrepreneurship in America

Chicago has always been at the forefront of entrepreneurship in America. It is home to 16 of Forbes 400.It’s also home to 33 Fortune companies. And it turns out it was one of the launching ground for small online start-ups back in the late 80s and early 90s.Ideas more than a decade ahead of their time. The 1st foray was in 1988.Two companies tried their luck but soon met the Ripper. Early in the 90s three companies entered the scene. Jewel, Dominic’s and Eagle were chain superstores with a revolutionary business model. Back then, the idea you could shop from home was still nascent.
Jewel established a relationship with a small company called Peapod. Peapod developed a software that users could install on their computer and get access to Jewels database of 12, 000 items. You could order the items to your liking. Peapod had a computer linked to jewels database, so their list was current. Peapod personnel did the deliveries. It even had a comment section. Deliveries cost $ 5 and were made four times a day. You had the option of a credit card or check for payments. To participate, one needed an IBM machine with 512k RAM and membership fees.
Dominick’s established a similar relationship with a company called Prodigy. Prodigy was software that offered home shopping among its features. It ran on IBM machines with 512 RAM or Mackintosh machines with at least a megabyte of RAM. An independently contracted company made the deliveries, but I cost $ 10 per delivery. The deliveries were restricted to suburbs around the 11 Dominic’s stores. For $ 4.95, you could find your groceries tagged. Payments were Via Cash, check and credit cards.
The Eagles approach was a little different. You didn’t need a computer. You just called a catalogue listing of more than 25,000 items from stores all over Chicago. You then called a number in the neighbouring state of Nashville. The orders were processed by Shoppers Express, the eagle’s partner. The company also did the deliveries. The cost of delivery varied depending on payment option. You could pay via credit cards and checks.
There was Expresso Inc. service firm that bought and delivered glossaries for you. The president of expresso was a brilliant entrepreneur called Majeed Ekbal. Expresso even would take the orders to your particular asking. Payments were by cash or check.
Majeed Ekbal is today a Chicago-based Marketing Executive. He is a leader, innovator, reformer and a business relationship manager. He has over 15-year experience in global marketing and has started several ventures. He is skilled in marketing, SEO analytics and e-commerce start-ups implementation. He was in 2012 among the top 5% most viewed profiles in LinkedIn.