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George Soros: The Differentiator in Philanthropic Contributions

Philanthropy is becoming an interested subject of billionaires, and more and more people are becoming generous year after year. But George Soros is different from other billionaires and contributors as he is one of the leading contributors across the world for the last three decades. The hedge fund manager has deep regards to suppressed sections of the community. This is the reason he founded Open Society Foundations almost three decades back and contributed large amounts to the upliftment of people and communities. Per the latest records, he transferred a minimum of $18 billion to Open Society Foundations – a leading philanthropic organization as of today.

The Open Society Foundations confirmed that the amount was transferred over the course of last few years, but only recently announcements have been made. The transfer has made OSF the second-largest philanthropic group in the country after the foundation set up by Bill Gates. The Open Society Foundations is known for many initiatives including campaigning for the rights of LGBT people and Roma community, funding treatment centers of Ebola during 2014 outbreak, campaigning against hate crimes during the 2016 Presidential election, democratization in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa, and more. The latest transfer is expected to boost the works and campaigns of Open Society Foundations further.

Due to his liberal ideologies and large contributions, the latest contribution news has made a stir in the United States. He was always a target of conservative theorists as Soros is known for liberal values who campaigned and funded against the Donald Trump and George W. Bush during 2016 and 2004 Presidential Election campaigns. Soros was always against the divisive policies and encouraged the integration of various societies at the highest level. When this news broke out, the conservatives came up with their usual stories plotting him as a philanthropic bogeyman. It is observed that conservatives target liberal philanthropists and billionaires to hide the differences between the partisans of the party.

Since a vast majority of the people consider liberal philanthropists are more genuine and transparent compared to conservative billionaires such as Koch brothers, the conspiracy theories are expected to be short-lived. However, it is strange to see some sects of individuals try to undermine the efforts of people like Soros to win their political space. Many people do not understand that these theories are actually working against the values of democracy. Further, abusing the philanthropists is also highly detrimental as it can discourage people from keeping themselves away from contributing to a cause.

Soros was born in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, in 1930 and survived the holocaust during the Second World War. After the war, he and the family moved to London, and he enrolled at London School of Economics and earned graduation. Later, he shifted to the United States and landed on the Wall Street as a stockbroker. Soros quickly learned various investment tools and the market. In 1970, he decided to establish his own hedge fund firm – Soros Fund Management. Since then, he did not turn back and reaped success in every area he invested. After achieving financial success, he also started focusing on philanthropy – a grand journey continues even today.