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George Soros Meets With Liberal Democrat Leaders

Billionaire investor George Soros has been well known for making considerable contributions to liberal Democrat political candidates. As many may now know, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. With this loss, Democrat leaders have been looking to find ways to deal with Trump once he officially takes office in January. In recent weeks, Soros has looked to meet with liberal leaders, suggest maintaining Obama’s healthcare policy, appoint new leaders and also look into investing more campaign funds for Democrats in conservative states. With these steps, George Soros looks to help restore power to the Democrat party.

Shortly after the presidential election, George Soros went to Washington to meet with liberals who were looking to discuss their future strategy. Soros met with high ranking Democrat officials to talk about their plans for the future. During this meeting, the Democrat leaders looked to challenge and oppose Trump on many of his policies. The Democrats will be looking to ensure that Congress focuses on adopting progressive political policies during the next four years. Since their vision is to make America an ever evolving nation, they will look to make sure that Trump’s policies don’t prevent their vision from becoming a reality.

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One of the things that the Democrats and George Soros are looking to do is keep Obamacare
intact. During Trump’s campaign, he indicated that repealing this policy was part of the agenda. Since the Democrats and Soros believe that providing universal health insurance is important, they want to makes sure that this law is not eliminated within the first four years of Trump’s presidency. The Democrats think very highly of Obamacare and believe that it has benefited millions of Americans since its inception. As a result, they have discussed their plans to challenge Trump on this issue starting next year.

Along with pushing for a more progressive political agenda and keeping policies such as Obamacare intact, the Democrats have looked to appoint new leadership. One of the first steps they will look to take is nominating Minnesota senator Ellison as the head of the Democratic National Committee. This new leadership will help provide Democrats and liberals with the direction it needs to oppose Trump and ensure that progressive goals are met during the next four years. With his experience as a Democrat senator, Ellison will be able to provide sound direction for the party in terms of adopting for progressive policies.

The Democrats and George Soros have came to the conclusion that in order to restore power, they will need to invest more money into candidates that represent conservative states. Democrats plan to invest in campaigns that will appeal to the working class population. Since this was a key voter demographic during the most recent presidential election, it will be important to convince them that the Democrats represent their best interest. Therefore, the Democrats will use a considerable amount of funds to provide their party representatives with the resources they need to clearly reveal their agenda and message to voters in the conservative states. With this tactic, the Democrats will look to gain a majority in the senate and the House of Representatives by 2018.

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Ad Claims George Soros Is “Bankrolling” Kasich Campaign

George Soros has become the all-encompassing boogeyman in many right-wing circles. And it seems that they are trotting out the spectre of Soros The Puppet Master once again.

In a recent political ad running in Wisconsin on, it is claimed that Soros, along with other millionaires, are secretly bankrolling John Kasich’s presidential campaign. The ad, created by the pro-Ted Cruz super PAC, Trusted Leadership, tries to connect Kasich to the liberal billionaire.

The ad claims that Kasich has received “hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros on marketwatch.” However, Politifact has looked into the claims to see if they are true.

According to the website two former employees of George Soros have given money to the Kasich super PAC, New Day For America, but there is nothing clandestine going on.

Scott Bessent, former chief investment officer or Soros Fund Management, has given $200,000 to New Day For America. He has also given $2,700 directly to the Kasich campaign. He has also given to the super PAC that supported Jeb Bush and has given directly to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The second former Soros employee, Stanley Druckenmiller, gave $450,000 to New Day For America last year on He, too, has consistently given money to GOP super PACS and to the RNC. Druckenmiller managed assets for Soros from 1988-2000.

In response to this ad, New Dat For America has sent letters directly to TV stations who are airing this ad a demanding that it be removed, claiming that it contained, “false, misleading and deceptive claims.”

To date, four television stations in the state of Wisconsin have pulled the ad from their airwaves.

After their investigation, Politifact has ruled the claims in the anti-Kasich ad to be false.

George Soros has been a key figure in American politics for years. He has consistently given to Democratic candidates and supported progressive causes. He has contributed $7 million to the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA Action, this election cycle.

Soros is chairman of the Open Society Foundations, who’s main focus is creating tolerant societies and transparent governments across the world.