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Gourmet Dog Food Is A Growing Trend

Our pets are the cornerstone of many of our lives. They give us absolute devotion and unconditional love. Thanks to companies like FreshPet, it is not easier than ever to give our pets the absolute best in dog food that they deserve.

FreshPet CEO, Richard Thompson, prides himself on the product that their company works to produce. FreshPet is the only commercial refrigerated dog food producer in the nation. They work to produce a premium product that is free of preservatives and uses the absolute freshest ingredients.

FreshPet uses top-notch ingredients such as lamb and turkey in their food. The food is produced in an industry leading facility that gets the food processed and shipped as quickly as possible to avoid loss of nutritional value without the added preservatives many manufacturers add.

Thanks to booming demand, other companies such as Purina are jumping at the chance to deliver premium products. Purina has begun expansion of the popular Beneful line to fill growing consumer demand.

Beneful is a top notch gourmet dog food that features mouth-watering ingredients like salmon, pork and fresh vegetables such as carrots. They offer a huge selection of variations including wet and dry varieties.

They even feature products that are specifically designed for your pet’s unique needs in mind. They feature popular varieties such as weight loss diets and food specifically for senior dogs. The line of products for Beneful is continuing to grow thanks to its continued success.

We owe it to our pets to give them the absolute best in nutrition and taste. Thankfully, the assortment of popular products that fill this need are growing like never before. Beneful and PetFresh are two excellent choices for giving your dog the best in nutrition they deserve.

PetFresh was originally featured in the Daily Herald. The original article can be located here.