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Improving Prison Security With Securus.

Securus Technologies is an ICT company that is based in Texas. The technology company is well established, and it has over the last few years proved itself indispensable to correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. It has been at the center of facilitating and regulating communication within prisons. Through its hard work, it has been able to contain communication within prisons within the confines of the law.

Securus is best known for its innovation and its heavy investment to that effect. It spends a lot of money on patents and acquisitions. According to tax reports, the technology company has spent over 600 million dollars in patents and acquisitions alone. It has also entered partnerships with other companies to revamp its technology continuously. The partnerships have been fruitful as through them, Securus has been able to access and use state of the art technology to combat illegal communications in prisons. One such fruitful partnership was the one Securus entered with the Harris Corporation: it leads to the creation of the “Cell Defender.” The Cell Defender can be used to stop contraband phones from making any correspondence as it bars them from connecting with mobile networks.

According to PR Newswire, Securus develops new technology every week. The technology is said to be dedicated to keeping the prisons safe. Members of law enforcement forces are utterly impressed with the services that the company has to offer, and some even owe their lives to the technology. They claim that the technology has made them feel safe again as criminals with malicious intent from within and outside prisons have been stopped from planning coordinated attacks on inmates, correctional officers or their families. The services have also helped reduce corruption among the correctional officials and thus the widespread fraud and violence that came with it.

Letters written to Securus Technologies reveal an overall confidence among reformed inmates, correctional officers and the public over the recent state of prison affairs since the company kicked in. They all seem thankful to have the privilege of accessing the much-needed services that the company offers.


Securus Technologies Scoops Gold in the Stevie Awards for Providing the Exceptional Customer Service

Securus Technologies was named the winner of the Gold Stevie Award in the class of Best Customer Service. Securus Technologies is an enterprise that specializes in the provision of technology solutions used by correctional agencies to enhance public safety by monitoring activities of inmates and carrying out investigations. This company got this award during the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Customer Service and Sales.


The Stevie Awards is one of the most prestigious honors for contact center, customer service, sales professionals, and business development. The Stevie Awards is one of the organizers of some of the world’s top business awards programs, such as the American Business and the International Business Awards. Securus Technologies was presented with its award on February 24 during a ceremony at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. In attendance were more than 650 business professionals from all over the world.


The finalist selection criteria


In this year’s competition, about 2,300 organizations were nominated for the award. This number was slightly higher than the one in 2016. There were 77 executives worldwide who evaluated the finalists and gave them their average scores. The total entries were considered in 61 groups for contact center achievements and customer service. These entries included Consulting Practice of the Year, Award for Innovation in Customer Service, and Contact Center of the Year. A panel of 75 judges determined the winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Awards.


Comments from senior executives of Securus Technologies and Stevie Awards


Danny de Hoyos, Securus’ VP of operations, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the company for being named the winner of this award. He also added that this company is committed to providing quality services to customers as well as respond promptly to queries raised by their clients. According to Michael Gallagher, the president of Stevie Awards, his organization is among the fastest growing programs dedicated to recognizing and helping companies build their reputations in the corporate world.



Your Great Christmas Using Securus Systems

Many individuals are finally finding a great quality system that is going to work well for them and their families. Dealing with a prison family member during the holiday season can be incredibly difficult because you simply cannot see that individual as often as you would like. There are many different options available to you and this is why so many people are trying to figure out different ways to get the most from this particular service and a lot of people are having great success with something known as Securus.


Securus is one of the top prison communication systems in the world and can be found in a variety of different prisons all over the country without even having to look very hard. Using Securus is incredibly easy for you to do because my own experience with it has been nothing but successful. Securus finally allowed me to keep in touch with one of my close relatives who I had not seen for several months because it was too inconvenient for me to actually go to the prison to see them face to face.


When the holidays rolled around, I found that using this amazing system was even more beneficial than I had ever thought possible and it allowed me to start using it even more than I ever had in the past. The Christmas season can be very lonely for prisoners because they do not get to see their loved ones as often as they would probably like. It is a good idea for you to use this communication system because you can finally have video visitation with these individuals without needing to make that costly trip to the prison just so that you can see that individual himself.


It is a good time for you to look into Securus and to see how it can benefit you as it has for a lot of other individuals. This is a system that you can rely on and count on to know that it is going to benefit you in a variety of different ways. This is the time for you to look into different options that come with using Securus and have so many individuals have been benefiting from it themselves with myself included. Not only is this a great system for you to utilize during the holiday season, but it can be used all throughout the year for your own benefit and for the benefit of your loved one in prison.


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