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Why You Should Choose Gooee’s LED bulbs?

Don’t you seem to miss your bulb’s warm glow at times? Do you know that by replacing your incandescent bulb with a LED one, you can get something close to that you miss? Well, below are facts that will make you want to ditch all your incandescent bulbs and replace them with LED ones.
The color temperature of a light source determines how it lights. The relationship is indirectly proportional. Light sources with higher color temperatures produce cooler lights. For instance, a candle’s color temperature is averagely 1500K. CFLs, whose light people despised, has a high color temperature of 4500K. A LED bulb provides a glow that is between the two extremes. With a color temperature of 2700K, its glow is amazing. It produces light that is warm, just like what the warm incandescent produced.
Color temperature is not the only factor that affects the light quality. The color rendering index (CRI) is also just as important. The good thing about the CRI of a LED bulb like Gooee’s is that it improves as one keeps using it. This is a phenomenon that is only unique to LEDs. A new LED bulb will have a CRI of 90 percent. Compared to CFLs, LEDs have better CRI since the former has an index of 80 percent. This index is important since it helps to determine how the light of a bulb reveals items realistically. The better this index is, the more realistic the revelations are. When coupled with other advantages of a LED, this feature makes the bulbs important to enterprises and even huge industries.