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Was It All True : Yeonmi Park Story

Recently reported a chilling story of Yeonmi Park from her perspective. The story of the North Korean defector Yeonmi Park and her mother carries a large bag of controversy, which Yeonmi says is because she knows too much. The story begins in March 2007 with Yeonmi Park and her mother taking their first steps of a long journey out of North Korea. Crossing a frozen river with little food, they entered China. The route they took was strenuous but they had to keep pushing. The thirteen year old girl and her mother traveled through China which took years. They crossed thru the Gobi desert to the Mongolian border. From there they would take a plane into South Korea.Her father joined them on the trip but died early on with cancer. Yeonmi says that she is sad that he died without even knowing this type of democracy existed. She claims that during the long excursion her and her mother was unprotected by the law and subject to all kinds of terrible sexual abuse. The reason for the journey is way more chilling than the journey itself. Yeonmi Park claims that North Korea was low on food, in terrible conditions, and the lack of democracy was intolerable. Yeonmi’s claims about the conditions of her country and the events that happened during her were put in heavy question. People of her native land say that her description of events and landmarks did not match where she was supposedly at. Yeonmi says that certain facts about events were hidden to save her family from embarrassment. Read the whole story at