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Glen Wakeman Helps Talented Entrepreneurs To Find Real Success

Glen Wakeman is a businessman and entrepreneur who has expertise in the areas of capital markets, leadership development, strategy for the business, business transformation, and growing a business. He has lived all over the world while working for GE Capital for 20 years, and he has changed the course of many different businesses for the better during that time (Facebook). As the CEO and creator of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., he helps entrepreneurs who are just trying to get off of the ground to focus on the right things they need to be a successful startup. Whether it is through his writing, in-person mentoring, or through example, Mr. Wakeman has helped executives and beginners to business, alike (


Glen Wakeman came up with the idea for LaunchPad Holdings when he realized he could help talented young entrepreneurs to achieve their business vision. He couldn’t understand why so many startups failed, even those with great ideas, and he wanted to offer people with great ideas the structure and software platform that would help them get their business off of the ground. The way that he brainstormed the idea for his company, as well as many of his other ideas, started off with him making himself talk about the idea of another person. He says that doing this forces him to put together the solid steps that are needed to actually get an idea done. It also shines the light on the weaknesses of an idea, and he has found that while some ideas seem great before they are executed, once you talk them out, you might find out they are not so great.


To help Glen Wakeman in this area and other areas of business that he looks to grow he employs the use of other entrepreneurs. He has commented that groups of entrepreneurs or associations are a great source of ideas, funding, and other connections. He finds some of these groups through the contacts he already has, and he discovers others on forums and other groups for entrepreneurs. While other entrepreneurs spend all of their time hoarding their secrets and not opening up, Glen Wakeman is building bridges, new connections, and helping others to grow their enterprises in today’s competitive world.