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Securus Technologies Still Stands Out As The Industries Leading Correctional Facilities Communication Monitoring Professionals

Correctional facility communications has become a lucrative business with over 200+ million calls involved at hundreds of facilities. Securus works alongside the Public Utility Commission to ensure system operations, public safety, integrity, and monitoring. Thousands of inmates each year rely on the correctional facilities to provide quality communication for access to family, friends, and legal counsel. Traditional correctional facility calls can be very expensive and Securus is committed to creating technological advances that will create cost effective communication for inmates and their families. They continue to represent the best interests of inmates and the general public.

Securus works hard to maintain cost effective rates for correctional facility communication users. They have also teamed with Vimeo to offer quality video calling features for inmates and their families. This technology was initially used by the courts as a method of communication during court proceedings and quickly expanded to inmates as a means of communication. Securus Technologies comes in clear high definition HD with 1800 mp so you won’t miss a thing. You can attend events that you never though were possible as an inmate. The resolution is high enough to let you see every aspect of your friend or family members. In fact, Securus provides this service at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Customers now have correctional facility communications that require integrity standards and the best prices for customers. Thus, Securus offers a competitive pricing plan to meet all budgets. They guarantee you will never get billed more than once for the same phone call. They are committed to a standard of excellency that is not provided by other correctional communications providers. Securus continues to be one of the top network providers in the industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas they continue to advocate inmate facility calls for the public.

A New Competitor for Telecommunications?

A recent article by details potential competitor to pre-existing large telecommunications companies. The company called FreedomPop, based in Los Angles, California, has raised an additional fifty million dollars towards expanding their network and their company. They provide talk, text, and wireless internet internationally. FreedomPop specializes in free or low cost calling and texts. They carry the major brands of smartphones and are much more suited to a “light” user. A “light” user is considered to be someone who uses less than a gig of data, or spends much of their time connected to wifi.
The company is attracting headlines and major news outlets like Fox News, Forbes, and more. There are several reasons why this company is so attractive to consumers. They don’t have contracts, carry all the major smartphone brands, have good signal coverage, allow unlimited calling and texting between their brand of phones, allow hotspot roaming, and give users free international calling to around sixty countries. The company prioritizes wifi texting and calling, allowing them to utilize the internet to perform these tasks. The appeal is most certainly there when compared to large telecommunication companies like AT@T and Verizon, where usually a user is contractually obligated and pay a decent fee monthly. College students, the everyday worker, essentially anyone who is connected to wifi for a good portion of the day may want to consider checking them out. FreedomPop is continuing to expand and make waves in the industry. As of right now they aren’t owned by their competitors yet, and continue to look for funding.