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The Ultimate E-governe Systems in Brazil

E-governe is the utilization of the ICTs in public administration with the combination of organizational transformations and the use of new skills with the aim of improving public services, democratic practices and reinforcing support to the general public. It involves digital interactions between citizens and their government, governments and other government agencies, government and employees, government and citizens, and between government and businesses.

The program facilitates the involvement of people in governance by making use of information and communication technology. Its existence improves and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public domain at More so, the program promotes broader contribution by stakeholders to the community and national development. Besides, it has broadened the process of governance.

E-governe operations and system are supported by sophisticated web-based services. The program is overly dependent on the use of information technology, more so, the internet to enable the communication between the government and its esteemed citizens. E-governe in Brazil is provided by two major companies. The first is Minauro, which has incorporated Consult and Sisteplan to form the effective solution e-governe. The firm utilizes data, modular systems, security, modern technologies, and innovative designs that are compatible to not only Brazil but also any other municipality or state. It has been in active operation for more than 20 years. Over the years, it has worked ceaselessly in the development of systems inventively. Its systems on guarantee differentiated performance and solutions for any government leading to excellent services to all customers.

Consult firm, on the other hand, has almost 30 years of operation. It is a standout company due to its distinct technological evolution on It formulates systems that are updated with the required current legislation and with the latest and most advanced technologies. Its systems are generic and are compatible with the administration of all public areas. They are highly intelligent, most modern systems, and they are equipped to serve clients on their day to day needs.

Public administration in Brazil is slowly adopting the use of this initiative. Recently, the municipality of Osasco signed a contract to have the program installed in their education system. The program will assist to ensure the integrity, uniqueness, and security of information. Also, it allows access to the internet, facilitates the issuance of management reports in real time, minimizes rework, avails shared reports and also controls access privileges for security purposes.

Moreover, E-governe has been majorly used in the health sector in Brazil. The program has been put into meaningful use, as it is applied in the management of the Municipal and State Health. As a result, it has simplified tasks both economically and functionally. The system enables the organizing and scheduling of appointments that helps eliminate queues and also improves the quality of services rendered.

As if that is not enough, it also controls the distribution and stocking of medicine and controls how vaccines are administered in addition to managing consultations and examinations. The system ensures total management of financial resources. More so, it has been used to regionalize attendance, control the agreement between the state and municipalities and also improve the organization of work processes. E-governe systems are definite and definitive and are crucial for public management and administration.