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Stream Energy Employees are Given Assistance in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated the greater Houston area in August of 2017. This dangerous storm managed to destroy billions of dollars in property and it caused thousands of people to become homeless. Many people lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. This also includes the employees and customers of Stream Energy.


Stream Energy is a private energy company that uses a multi-marketing format to sell its energy services and products. The company was started in Dallas back in 2005 and it has well over 300,000 customers. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey there were 127,000 customers who had late fees for their services. Stream Energy waived those late fees so that these customers could focus on recovering their lives.


This is the type of service that Stream Energy provides for their clients. It is also the same type of service that they make available for their employees (GlassDoor). The organization started a crowdfunding campaign to help these associates with the recovery effort. Stream Care which is the philanthropic branch of the company has even matched funding donations given by outside sources to help their employees.


The Employees that work at Stream Energy understands that their company does a lot for them when they are in need. This kind of company loyalty is great and it makes employees want to remain with this organization. The people at Stream understands that employees are family and taking care of them is a priority.


The company also worked hard to ensure that people displaced by the storm had the resources they need to survive. They made a $25,000 contribution to the American Red Cross which this organization used to provide various resources and assistance to people in need. Philanthropy is an important part of Stream Energy’s business responsibility. They want to ensure that people get the assistance they need to get through life.

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