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The Sacrifices That Topple Regimes

The fight for democracy and human rights isn’t an easy one. Dictators and autocrats keep a firm grip on the power they hold over their countries. Those who stand up to them risk prison, assaults, and even death for resistance. Those who are to assemble against their oppressive governments need someone to stand behind them in their pursuit of justice. Thor Halvorssen has made himself the backbone of the global fight for human rights across the world. His key organization, the Human Rights Foundation, is exactly the voice needed to draw attention to these atrocities and unite the world against oppression.

Born and raised in Venezuela his family has a long history of fighting oppressive governments. Halvorssen’s father was incarcerated for his efforts to expose the corruption of the Venezuelan government was his mother, a descendant of revolutions like Simon Bolivar, was shot by supporters of the government. Even within his extend family there are many examples of freedom fighters such as his cousin who is currently held as a political prisoner by the Venezuelan government.

Educated abroad at the University of Pennsylvania he quickly became aware of the human rights violations across the world. According to Crunchbase, this led Halvorssen to create the Human Rights Foundation he currently heads at the moment. As president of HRF he has placed his life in danger in order to help those living far from his home country a chance to enjoy a life free from the oppressions that are all too common in the developing world.

Thor Halvorssen has faced incarceration, threats on his life, and more in his efforts to change the world. Despite these dangers Thor Halvorssen brushes the dust off his shoulders and continues to strive for a better world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook