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GoBuyside Gives Insights on GPDR:

GoBuyside is a modern and professional recruitment forum that focuses on hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies, advice platforms, investment managers, privately held equity companies, and hedge funds globally.

The recruitment firm works with more than 400 companies and it assists them in recruiting employees. The company has a vast talent base that expounds to more than 10,000 establishments which are located in more than 500 cities from all over the world.

The GPDR or General Data Protection Regulations are likely to be enforced in the European Union fully by mid-2018. This will most likely affect all organizations in the region. Moreover, the change will also affect the fund management sector. A GoBuyside financial analyst broke down the implications of the GPDR in the industry. The main objective of the group of regulations is to assert the need for protecting personal data as an essential right of every individual. In essence, this is not to say that currently, the EU doesn’t have any means of protecting private data. However, the GPDR bill dictates that every controller of the design element, implements certain methodological measures, institutional systems, and procedures that will automatically ensure that all the data is processed according to the new regulations.

The GoBuyside representative revealed that the need for the processors and controllers to be accountable cannot be overlooked under the GDPR compliance. This is because the legislation is basically implementing a new set of regulations that will require the need for transparency during the data processing. In addition to this, these activities will also have to be analyzed and documented in order for the compliance to be demonstrated.

The financial expert further pointed out that the GPDR regulations will also affect countries that are not in the European Union. This will especially apply to individuals who process any goods within the union. Countries or individuals that practice trading activities within the EU will also be affected. Consequently, implementing the regulations is likely to affect any company that operates on a global scale. The GoBuyside financial professional revealed that alternative investment fund managers, investment funds, fund administrators, depositories, and management firms will be affected. Therefore, all affected parties should ensure that they enforce the regulations while processing and controlling personal data that relates to investors, staff, and officers.

Thus, all entities should make sure that they strengthen the protection of all data which includes information about various investors and individuals. In conclusion, the GoBuyside representative basically alerted all concerned entities to put all the GPDR measures in place before the implementation date.

Lingerie Boutique, Honey Birdette Looks To Expand To US And Britain

The steamy and classy lingerie of the Australian, women’s fashion boutique, Honey Birdette has been extremely successful and popular in their native country, so much so that they are now currently looking to expand into both the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom. The company has recently publicly released plans to begin moving into the United Kingdom market niche by installing around 40 new stores by the very end of 2018. Currently Honey Birdette only has three brick and mortar, real world stores located in the UK which would mean their rollout would have to be quite swift. The company has stated that prime real estate locations such as Leeds, Covent Gardens of London and White City are all being looked at as grounds for new boutiques.

Honey Birdette has also taken a keen interest in the lingerie consumer base in the United States of America, or rather, the market consumer base of the United States has taken a very keen interest in Honey Birdette’s lingerie. After receiving a sudden and increadibly profitable 374 % sales boost from the land of the free and the home of the brave, the intimates company crafted and released a new online, digital storefront specifically for US buyers which has driven a great deal of new traffic and interest.

One of the reasons that the lingerie companies sales have risen so quickly in the states, outside of a inherently high market demand for their product, are all of the new features included in the US specific site. Some of these new and improved features and offers, which were not previously featured on the original Australian webpage, include things such as faster delivery times and free delivery for orders over $ 50 US dollars, which has fostered a good deal of additional interest.


How Avaaz is able to quickly effect global change on a social level

If you have ever been involved in an online campaign to create positive social change somewhere around the world, you have probably heard of Avaaz.

Named as one of the most powerful online activist organizations in the world by a British newspaper, Avaaz has only been in existence for 10 years yet already has almost 44 million members.

How did Avaaz become so powerful so quickly, and how is it able to effect global change on a social level so fast?

Setting up Avaaz — Avaaz was co-founded in 2017 by Ricken Patel, various other individuals and a couple of community organizations. It was set up to have small teams based around the world that then organize around specific social issues in their community.

It quickly evolved to be an online platform available in 17 languages, and with its decisions partially made by its members.

As so much power in decision-making was put into the hands of members, these members feel ownership in the organization. This not only motivates them to keep working with it, but also to encourage their friends to get involved.

Online activism is fast — Avaaz also set up its online website so that the minute a new social issue is targeted, a system of targeting members, politicians and the news media goes into effect.

That means within 24 hours of a new targeted issue appearing on the Avaaz website, tens of millions of people around the world are aware of it. Members are joining the campaign, the news media is reporting on it and politicians are realizing people care as their offices are being contacted.

Multi-targeting the issues — Avaaz organizes online petitions to let people know about the issues they feel are important, but it does not just stick to online campaigns.

The organization also runs media campaigns to let journalists know what is happening, and organizes offline protests targeting elected officials or corporations around the world.

All of these things mean more and more people become involved with the organization, and its ability to effect social change on a global level increases.



USHEALTH Group, is a leading company in insurance that is based in Texas. It focuses on providing innovative health coverage for small businesses and individuals especially those who are self-employed. The company studies the market in terms of new advancements and competitive forces and uses this information to improve the skills and talents of its employees. As a result, the company has a strong and competent team whose main objective is to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied. The CEO of this company is Troy Mcquagge; a rising star in the insurance industry. His career path is marked by hard work and determination that is now rewarded through his most recently acquired award in the One Planet Awards. He started working in the insurance industry after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in legal studies.



He first worked at Allstate Insurance Company and moved to United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) where he worked at the student division. In 1997 he was named the president of the company’s insurance agency and worked at the position setting numerous sales record for the company. He was later tasked with conducting and overseeing all the sales and marketing duties of the company when it changed into Health Markets after its acquisition by private investors. In 2007, he was named the president of the company leading to its recognition by Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine as Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.



In 2010, he moved on to USHealth, where he still works today. At his new position, he was able to rebuild USHEALTH Advisors, a captive distribution agency to become one for the greatest insurance companies in the United States and the world in general. He immediately set the task of turning the company around by re-building its captive distribution agency as USHealth Advisors. With his success he was elected President and CEO of this company in 2014.During his tenure, the company registered tremendous success, growth and profitability in the competitive health insurance market. Furthermore, Planet Awards named McQuagge as the Gold Winner CEO of the year. On receiving the award, McQuagge said he was truly honored to receive the award and that it belonged to everyone. As such, he acknowledged the efforts of his workmates in making USHealth the best in insurance.



Planet Awards offers premier awards programs to honor businesses and individuals in various sectors of the economy around the world. Any organizations can submit various nominations for these awards. These include: public and private companies; both profit and non-profit and also new start-ups. It recognizes companies for their business and professional excellence. The One Planet Awards has various categories under sections such as executives, new products and services, public relations, teams and Marketing among others. The awards help organizations to shine in what they do best. The other advantage of the awards is the equal chance given to all organizations.


White Shark Media Making Businesses Grow

Are you a small or medium sized online advertiser using Google Adwords or Bing Ads? White shark media is here for you to help your business grow exponentially into a stable business. White shark media is PPC management agency which specializes in Adword and Bing Ads management services to medium and small size businesses across US, Denmark, and Central America. They offer a full time of all your ads from setup to continuous optimisation to reach your set goals person month. For all kinds of E-commerce, the White Shark Media offers product listing and full conversion tracking and Google analysis implementation on all Shopify platforms. They have no cancellation fee, small setup fee, and no contracts but they work on they work on the principle that you as the client as you succeed, they also grow.

== Contacts ==

Would like to contact the White Shark Media to place an ad? Do not hesitate to email us on or call (305) 728- 4828 or visit our website or connect with us on our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Contact them today for your current Adword free evaluation or ask them on how you can make a successful Adword or Bingo Campaign for your e-commerce website.

== Services ==

White Shark Media specializes in the following two areas: our primary services include: pay person click management, web development, mobile marketing, email marketing, digital strategy and search engine optimization. Our secondary services are landing page optimization, conversion optimization and pay person click engines. All these services come with a cost-effective, flat fee marketing solutions with administrative access to your Google Adword account, no contracts, and full transparency.

== Languages and Products ==

You can advertise your Adword or Bingo ads in any of the following languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can place your ad for almost any product including consumer goods, healthcare, retail, financial services, automobile, entertainment, telecommunication, transport, tourism, NGO, food and beverage, and so much more.


Can Seattle Genetics’s Clay Siegall Take The Company Any Further

In the world of Cancer Research, nothing is left to chance. The industry is huge and consists of research, trials, tests, therapies, development, and innovation. Fun and games are over because peoples lives are at stake either way you look at it. One of the best cancer research organizations in the world is located in Bothell, Washington. Seattle Genetics have grown to be the industry’s premier leader and has been for quite some time now. The company’s breakthrough therapies stand out when being compared to it’s competitors, but for any great company there has to be some form of great leadership and Seattle Genetics is no exception.

When it comes to leading by example, few if any can outperform Clay Siegall. He is well known and respected amongst his peers or just about anyone. Clay Siegall is highly educated as well as trained and has been in the industry for many years. With a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University and a (BS) in Zoology from The University of Maryland, Clay Siegall might just be “overqualified.” Having the titles of philanthropist, scientist, author, doctor, and guest speaker is a true testament to just how accomplished this guy really is. Dr. Clay Siegall has always possessed strong ambition while his persistence takes him to another level. Seattle Genetics is basically being run by the best in the business as it’s principles of progressive drug development, scientific innovation, and rigorous research have set it apart from it’s contemporaries. The company is so successful that it was named as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation and Vice President Joe Bidden has stopped by company headquarters for a visit.

Dr. Clay Siegall started this company back in the late 90’s and it has made huge impacts consistently since it’s inception. Seattle Genetics has taken over cancer research with it’s advanced breakthrough therapies and Dr. Clay Siegall is steering this ship for even more success in the future.


Keith Mann: Doing All He Can For Others

Keith Mann is just the type of person we need in today’s world with all that is going on and all of the rancor that is happening. Keith Mann is the type of man that is going to look for solutions as opposed to problems. He is the type of man that is going to be positive in the face of negative energy. Right now, he is doing all he can to fix the issues going on in the world all while doing all that he can with Dynamics Search Partners. He believes he can rest easy when he knows that things are in a better place and people are in a good position.


One of the things he is working on at the moment is The Uncommon School Districts, as he knows the value and the importance of an education on a child. He knows that jobs are hard to come by and he also knows how education can keep kids out of trouble. There are a lot of kids that want to go to school, but it is just not in the budget of their families. That is why he took time out of his schedule to hold a fundraiser that raised over 22 thousand dollars which will really help with education and making sure they have everything they need to get the education they deserve. He also has a scholarship for the future leaders out there. This will get them set in the right direction and simply let them focus on their studies.


One must also not forget the fact that he recently treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch twice. He knows the fire the police have come under lately and how much bad press has been out there about them. However, he is not buying it for one second. Mann loves the police and he is grateful they are keeping him and his family safe. Because of this, he treated them to lunch two separate times. It was his way of saying thank you and letting them know someone is out there that appreciates them and does not take them for granted.


Securus Technologies Does Good Deed In Aftermath of Dire Flooding

Securus Technologies of Dallas, TX has been serving the North American correctional industry for around three decades. During that time, the company has developed a number of advanced and innovative services to help inmate communicate with friends, family, and counsel. The creation of “video visitation” programs are among the most welcome arrivals. Securus Technologies is likely most well-known for its phone services. Reliability and consistent performance in inmate phone call facilitation has helped Securus Technologies develop a fantastic name.

The name of Securus Technologies is going to soon shine even brighter as word gets out about the amazing charitable endeavor the company is getting involved with. Basically, the company will be giving free phone calls to prisoners serving time in Louisiana so they can check up on persons close to them who may have suffered mightily due to the recent Louisiana flood disaster.

PR Newswire discusses the particulars of the calls. Inmates are afforded one free call per day. The total dollar amount of free calls Securus Technologies intends to give is in the range of $300,000.

Louisiana was hit very hard by recent flooding. The interiors of many homes were outright destroyed. Being able to stay in touch with those affected by the flooding helps reduce a great deal of anxiety on the part of inmates limited in their ability to help.


Jon Urbana’s Prowess In Video Shooting

Jon Urbana is a renowned professional entrepreneur in Denver, Colorado. Other than the business he is also talented and gifted video producer. He is currently heading business development for Ellipse USA, a privately owned company that provides IPL and laser system. He is also a co-founder of one of the first Colorado summer youth lacrosse programs. Urbana was a professional player in lacrosse for the Villanova Wildcats. He is a certified pilot and is registered with the FAA in their Airmen Certification Database.

Jon Urbana loves using Twitter and actively supports philanthropic projects and mobilizes funds to support local organizations and their cause. His love for animals has made his raise funds to support animal rescue and adoption. Living in a beautiful and healthy environment is always close to his heart. Urbana has passion and runs an Earth Force mission that empowers youth on the importance of an independent future for clean energy.

He has a website where interested people can visit and make donations for the cause. Urbana has helped players refine and sharpen their skills according to their tastes, field position, interest, and style. He has received many awards and recognition for his contribution to these games, for example, Tewaaranton Award mentioned in All-American honors and was defensive player of the year in Colonial Athletic Association.

Apart from business and sports, Jon Urbana is interested with videos and has recorded quite a few of them. They are interesting videos worth watching, and most of them are about the beauty of the environment, for example, The Stunning Mountains of Alaska.

It is all about the lovely rock of Alaska. In his description, he talks about how he loves them and says there are no beautiful mountains like those. There is also another video showing a cross-country skiing in Alaska.

The footage was shot by Jon Urbana and displays the serene atmosphere of skiing where lovers of this game can sharpen their skills. The snow capped mountain with the skiing athlete demonstrating their skills shows a lovely environment.

There is also a beautiful video of a moose that is feeding on shrubs. It describes his love for wildlife and his contribution towards wildlife.


Business Projects About, Urbana Continues to Thrive

Jon Urbana has his hand in multiple business projects. He is a growing entrepreneur with a deep passion for his work. He started a lacrosse camp in Denver Colorado to help kids learn the basics of the sport. Once a Division I player himself, he not only knows the game well, but he has a passion for the sport. The name of the camp is Next Level Lacrosse and is quickly becoming one of the most popular youth lacrosse camps in the Denver area.

Not only is Jon Urbana focused on the growth of himself or his companies, but he is also greatly focused on giving back to his community. He invests much time and energy into local charities. Jon Urbana launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Earth Force Inc. which focuses on fixing the issues of climate change. He was inspired to do this by the kids from his lacrosse camp who wish to have a better environment. His first crowdfunding campaign was for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, which is a shelter for cats.

Urbana publishes several videos to keep people in touch what he is working on and also to promote the projects themselves. Jon Urbana’s videos promoting his crowdfunding campaigns can be watched here and here. The videos detail the purpose of his projects and what he wishes to do with the funds raised. There are also videos describing Jon Urbana’s ventures outside of charitable work and lacrosse. In this video, a little background is given about Urbana’s other projects such as photography and music.

With so many projects and business ventures that Jon Urbana embarks on, it can be tough to keep track of where he is going next. In order to stay connected with Jon Urbana, you can follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook and keep up with his pictures on Instagram. For more in depth material on Jon Urbana, visit his peronsal profile on About and Medium.