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Student Receives lots of Praise for Tacking a sexist Wikipedia

The science student who dealt with a troll who consistently abused her online has been praised for the innovative way in which she dealt with the trolls. Emily Temple Wood will create a Wikipedia page on a female scientist for every hate filled message she received. 

It was back in 2012 that the biology student at the University of Loyola in Chicago decided to come up with the idea. Emily has been writing and editing Wikipedia pages since she was 12 years old though she has been receiving sexist, abusive and sexually inappropriate texts. 

Speaking to BBC Emily claimed that the trolls realized she was just a woman before they realized she was only 12 years old. At first, Emily decided to ignore the trolls. However, after a few years, she decided to focus her rage and went on to add a female scientist to Wikipedia for every sexist comment or harassing she received. 

Emily’s ideas later become to be known as the WikiProject Women Scientists which is currently having its own Wikipedia page. Emily has constantly been working to raise the profile of ladies on Wikipedia by drawing attention to different scientists including the 18th Lorna Casselton the biologist and astronomer Carlone Herschel who were never mentioned previously. 

Emily explained that she came up with the idea after she realized that a number of female fellows who belonged to the Royal Society did not have Wikipedia pages. 

The now 21 year old student does not consider the online comments which are of a different opinion with her. She only considers those that are abusive. 

Temple Wood explains that it is specifically about being gross and sexist. “If that is what actually makes me cry, it will definitely be on the list or even if it can make my mother to be uncomfortable,” revealed Temple Wood. 
Temple Woods’ project has now been praised as being epic. 

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