Chris Burch: Beauty and Business

Imagine lying on a beach in a beautiful Indonesian backdrop, you are currently staying at the world’s best resort. There is a sense of luxury and immersion that you have never felt before in your entire life. It is truly one of the most relaxing and unique experiences on the planet. It will be an experience that you will look back with fondness and genuine appreciation. The experience that you have just pictured is an atmosphere that is cultivated throughout the Nihiwatu Resort owned by forward-thinking entrepreneur Chris Burch. The resort, which was dubbed the best in the entire world by Travel+Leisure, is a gem on the Indonesian shoreline (

Since the beginning of his career, Burch has been pushing the boundaries of the business world. He started his first company with his brother while still enrolled in college. He felt like there was a need in the clothing market that was not being met, he went with his brother all over campus selling sweaters to his peers. Eventually, students realized that Burch was offering something they had never considered before. His business grew in popularity and expanded to college campuses all over the nation. This whirlwind success grew the company from a meager $2000 investment into a national chain with more than $140 million worth of sales. Clearly, Burch knew exactly where he wanted to go in the business world and he was going to get there no matter what it took.


Throughout his career, Burch has also invested in many other types of industries. His newest investment with the Nihiwatu Resort, while one of his most passionate, is in line with the business practices of Burch. Burch has also been involved in substantial real estate transactions (, the fashion industry, movie production, and even an investor for Voss Water. When it comes to business opportunities, Burch has always known what will succeed in what will fail. He has chosen to invest his money wisely, but he is also very active in the success of these companies. You do not gain such an extensive portfolio of success by simply standing on the sidelines and hoping that your investments pay off, Burch has always been in the thick of it pushing for growth. His latest success with the Nihiwatu Resort comes as no surprise when you look at the hard work he has put into his career up until this point. It is interesting to see what happens next.


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