Chris Burch Entrepreneur and Resort Owner

Many people aspire to become a successful business owner. Operating a prosperous business is a proven way to increase income and have more freedom. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with experience in multiple industries (  During his career, he has started numerous companies.

Burch now operates one of the best resorts in the world. Nihiwatu Resort is known around the world as a luxury location. Staying at this resort is costly. Customers who visit at the Nihiwatu Resort expect everything to be perfect.

Early Business Ideas

Starting a business is difficult. Chris Burch went to college to study business. He quickly decided to focus on starting a business rather than becoming an employee. His first business was a significant failure. He built a website to sell various products online. He struggled with marketing and went deeply in debt. After the company failed, he decided to learn from successful business owners (

He interviewed successful business owners across the country. During this time, he learned valuable lessons about starting a company. He now spends his extra time helping other business leaders in the community.

Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch had an idea to build a luxury resort in a prominent area. Due to his past failures, few banks were willing to lend him money. Any loan offers he received had interest rates that were too high.

Chris Burch decided to pitch his idea to several venture capitalists in the area. He was denied multiple times, but he eventually found an investor to fund his plan. Nihiwatu Resort did not make a profit during the first year. However, the resort is now profitable and is a popular tourist destination. Many people enjoy staying at the resort due to the various amenities offered there. Chris Burch is a great example of how to become a successful business owner.

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