Chris Burch: From Clothing Salesman To Wealthy Investor And Fashion Mogul

Over the past 40 years businessman and entrepreneur Chris Burch has been able to turn a $2,000 investment into an investment portfolio valued in the hundreds of millions. Burch’s first foray into business was selling sweaters door-to-door while at Ithaca College. Chris Burch working with his brother Bob founded Eagle’s Eye apparel when in 1976 they each invested $2,000. Within a few years, business was booming. The brother hired a sales team, had their apparel custom-made and had to work hard to keep the ever-growing customer base satisfied. When the Swipe Group offered the Burch brothers $165 million for Eagle’s Eye, they accepted it.

Once Burch had money to invest, he began making a series of savvy moves. At that time the Internet Capital Group was in its embryonic stage. Chris Burch was one of the first people to invest in them. His reputation as a visionary with his finger on the pulse of consumer demand and the ability to utilize superior sourcing infrastructure quickly grew (  Chris Burch invested in companies like C. Wonder, Tory Burch, Poppin, Voss Water, Cocoon9, Jawbone, TRADEMARK, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Bur+Mah and they all became wildly successful. His ability to locate the link between innovation and implementation is uncanny.

Chris Burch has gone on to invest in a wide array of industries from technology to prefab housing and organic food. He continues to be able to anticipate what consumers will want tomorrow and invest in it today. Real estate and hospitality are two areas in which Chris Burch is now making his mark. He has built luxury homes in Palm Beach, Florida, Southampton, New York and on Nantucket ( Working in collaboration with hotelier Alan Faena as well as architect Philippe Stark, Burch is also involved in the development of Faena Hotel + Universe in Argentina and a number of other real estate projects.

One of the most spectacular real estate projects with which Chris Burch is involved is the five-star resort, Nihiwatu, on Sumba island in Indonesia. The western part of the island was transformed into a resort with 27 private villas featuring private plunge pools, a blue lagoon, surf classes, an incredible surfer’s beach, horseback riding, yoga lessons, a spa under a waterfall, spa treatments on the beach or the private villas and countless other amenities. More to read on Chris Burch and his partners plan to build similar resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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