Chris Burch Launches New Indonesian Resort Venture

Subsequent to having established and co-established numerous worldwide popular retail brands like Tory Burch and C. Wonder while still venturing in many others, Chris Burch decided to expand his business horizons by entering a new venture – hospitality.

Chris Burch forms a partnership with James McBride, a reputed hotelier. They purchased a beach hostel in the Island of Sumba, which is located in Indonesia in 2012. The two paid out $30 million in the refurbishment of the cited hostel in 2015, which they called Nihiwatu – a five-star resort. The resort was nominated as the best hotel around the globe in 2016 by Travel and Leisure.

During Burch’s interview in 2015 with Business Jet Traveler, he said that he bought the place for his children, and as something that he can reserve and hand back to the community. He added that there are plenty of things that can be done in a really beautiful environment, which cannot be done in other places such as have a butler in each room, go to places where nobody has ever been, or construct a spa beneath is a waterfalls.

He further commented that Nihiwatu exceeded his expectations, which is very uncommon since often times stuffs, events and possessions among other things do not come up to their expectations.

Burch divides his schedule between Nihiwatu, the Hamptons, and Miami  ( His Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia is composed of his private home – Raja Mendaka, and 27 private villas. Raja Mendaka is built with a private plunge pool, four additional villas, and the main house.

Chris Burch is regarded as a man loaded with talents. He became a billionaire in 2012 and in the ensuing 4 decades of his professional occupation as the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, he has not slowed his pace. He is a successful businessman who applied his knowledge and abilities by investing in luxury brands, and various technologies. His professions commenced 1976 when he was at Ithaca College where he invested $2,000 and propagated apparel venture – Eagle’s Eye into a massive million dollar company worth $165 million.

In his overall success, Chris Burch believes that a business must have plenty of connections since these could lead to unforeseen opportunities like jobs and other lucrative ventures.  Refer to for more of his views.

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