Chris Burch –The Billionaire with a Vast Diversified Investment Portfolio

Born J. Christopher Burch and widely known as Chris Burch, Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a New York –based firm that provides brand development services and venture investments. Burch has invested across a wide array of sectors for nearly 4 decades. He is mostly credited for his immense contribution to improved brands and multiple technologies such as Faena Hotel +Universe, Poppin, Vosswater and Jawbone.

His entrepreneurial success started when he an undergraduate at Ithaca in 1976. Together with his brother Bod, Burch invested $2,000 to start The Eagle’s Eye apparel. The duo grew the business to a whopping $167 million before selling it to Swire Group. Burch was one of the pioneers in the internet business having started Internet Capital Group, a widely known business in the internet world.


Burch also served as board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim. The Forbes magazine named him a billionaire in 2012. In 2005, he bought a luxurious home in New York for $14 million and later sold it for $25 million just four months later upon remodeling the home. Burch is a prominent investor in the fashion industry since starting The Eagle’s Apparel alongside his brother. He assisted his wife start the Tory Burch, a prominent fashion label which Burch owned 28.3% and also acted as its co-chairman.

Chris Burch boasts a diversified investment portfolio, having invested in multiple international and domestic real estate ventures, apparel businesses and a chain of hotels, including the Nihiwatu Resort which is an island resort located in eastern Indonesia. The resort lies on 175 hectares of grasslands, tropical forest and rice terraces. Courtesy of its strategic location, the resort offers recreational sports like surfing, scuba diving and world class fishing. The resort is an ideal getaway for couples, families and anyone seeking relaxation and rest in pristine environs. Nihiwatu hotel hosts three 2-bedroom villas and seven luxurious bungalows, all providing complete solitude on a breathtaking island.

His other investments include the film industry, where he produced a romantic comedy film named Watch It , and which was directed by Tom Flynn. The film received considerably favorable reviews especially from New York Times. Apart from business, Chris Burch also writes on topics touching on entrepreneurship and financial success, check


Chris Burch is a prolific investor with a vast diversified portfolio. Burch has further contributed immensely towards philanthropic initiatives and research. The father of seven is a prominent figure domestically and internationally, and his net worth is anticipated to increase significantly in near future.

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