Chris Burch Working Wonders on Nihi Sumba Island

Evolution of a 5-Star Resort

Long before Chris Burch discovered the opportunity to transform Nihiwatu into the beautiful resort it is today, Claude and Petra Graves were in search of the perfect wave-side beach front when Claude and Petra discovered Nihiwatu. They were struck by the “mortar stone” that covered the beaches in Nihiwatu and by its “unregulated freedom and beauty,” as they told the Mogul Chris Burch on their first encounter in 2012.

Claude and Petra were taken up with Nihiwatu and began to envision creating something special as a Sumba resort are other could also enjoy. While the Graves wanted to keep the historical mystique and aura of Nihiwatu alive, Chris Burch has renamed the tropical paradise Nihi Sumba Island.

After meeting the Graves, Chris Burch contacted the Hotelier James McBride and gained his interest in co-developing Nihi Sumba into a 5-star resort. Burch and McBride initially invested $30M to begin their project. According to Wing’s Journalist, Svilen Petrov, Burch and McBride continue to expand their original plans that now encompasses 700 acres in development.

Nihi has been named the #1 Hotel in the World Travel and Leisure readers consecutively for 2016 & 2017.

Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital

Christ Burch has a passion for helping entrepreneurs while using his knowledge and resources which have great innovative ideas of value to society. Burch is always on the lookout for what he calls “extraordinary possibilities” for the world. More on

Branching Out

Burch Creative Capital has supported wide-ranging products from lifestyle to retail, apparel to technology, organic foods to home furnishings ( One of Chris Burch’s latest investments has been into ED by Ellen DeGeneres, as well as TRADEMARK and Cocoon9.

Chris Burch credits his success to his understanding of people. Thru this ability to be curious about people he has learned to listen better to others.

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