Christopher Burch – Builder Of Dreams

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the building of resorts such as the one on the island of Indonesia. It is said to be the best resort in the world. Chris Burch is a Fashion Tycoon who has Co-founded many retail brands, and he is known throughout the world. He has invested in many different areas such as C. Wonder, a fashion empire, and now sets his sites on the hospitality industry. Along with James McBride, a property owner in the hotel industry, in 2012 they purchased a hotel in Sumba, on the Indonesian island. In 2015 both James McBride and Chris Burch teamed up together and renovated several hotels at the cost of 30 million dollars. In 2016, Travel & Leisure voted Nihiwatu as the most outstanding hotel on the globe.

In 2015 Burch was interviewed by Business Jet Traveler at which time he stated that he purchased Nihiwatu as a gift to his children. He wanted to safeguard it and return it to the community. According to Chris Burch in his interview with Business Jet Traveler, he believes that on this beautiful island, there are many things you do such as build a sauna under a waterfall. This is something that you can only do on this island, Nihiwatu, due to the uniqueness of the place. In this lavish lifestyle that Chris Burch has created, in every room, he can employ a butler and visit places other people only dream of visiting. It is unusual that Nihiwatu offers far more in many ways than Burch anticipated.

The Wall Street Journal commented that Chris Burch spends some of his time in Miami and the Hamptons ( He travels to Indonesia at his resort when he is not in the United States. There are 27 exclusive villas in Nihiwatu which includes Raja Mendaka, private homes of Chris Burch. There are four other villas in Nihiwatu, each having its individual pool to swim and dive.

Christopher Burch is CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital (’s always has his eyes open for new visions in different opportunities in the marketing industry. He is creative, has a magnificent imagination which he uses in his entrepreneurial ventures ( His business has a profound positive impact on his customers.

Christopher Burch throughout his career as an entrepreneur and investor been a positive force in building over 50 companies for almost 40 years.

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