David Giertz’s Insights on Retirement Planning

Social security is one of the most underrated topics according to David Giertz. People who have retired are also the most underserved when it comes to social security benefits. According to a survey conducted by Nelson NHY Financial Retirement Institute, three out of ten retired people were not covered by retirement benefit plans. Giertz urges individuals who are still employed to sign up for reliable retirement insurance plans for future purposes. These plans can be sought from established life insurance companies. He also advises them to be consistent in sparing a portion of their incomes in savings accounts. Such savings would secure them a happy future upon retiring.

Retirement planning is difficult to undertake because it requires consistency and dedication. Giertz advises people to optimize their social security allocations on Spokeo for security and comfort. He also urges them to hire a financial advisor to help them in evaluating their incomes and determining the amount to be allocated for social security. Before entrusting an advisor with your retirement planning work on Whitepages.com, conduct a background check on the expert. Ensure that this expert has helped clients with retirement needs such as yours. You should also ensure that he or she has been accredited to operate as a financial advisor.

David Giertz’s Professional Background

Giertz is a finance executive who has been interviewed severally on financial planning matters. He currently works as the VP of nationwide financial distribution and sales for Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He was appointed as VP in 2013 due to his extensive experience in life insurance planning. Giertz also holds executive positions in other subsidiaries of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

Giertz is the sales vice president of Nationwide Financial Services. As the sales VP, he oversees the company’s financial planning matters. He also works in close cooperation with other members of Nationwide Financial Services’ leadership team. Source: https://brokercheck.finra.org/individual/summary/1515515

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