David McDonald’s Input at OSI Group

No matter how long a journey may be, it always begins with one step. As for David McDonald, he can attest to that. From assuming the position of production manager when he started working at OSI Group, he was able to work his way up the ranks to the position of president. The position of president is always bestowed unto individuals who have shown utmost dedication and excellent leadership skills.

Background Data

David McDonald was a student at the Iowa State University. While at the university, he was undertaking an undergraduate degree in animal science. Later, he was able to graduate with honors. As always, every grandaunt always seeks out to find an occupation that goes hand in hand with the course that they were pursuing. Since OSI Group deals in meat products, David McDonald tried his luck. Fortunately, he was hired as the productions manager. After many years of working at OSI group, he always got a promotion due to his hard work and dedication. As ambitious as he was, he never relented, and he always worked harder day in day out. At long last, Mr. McDonald’s dream of holding an executive position became a reality; he now serves as the chief operations officer and the president of OSI Group.

Additional Information

OSI Group carried out internal recruiting. Since Mr. McDonald is among the longest-serving employees at OSI Group, his capabilities were evident. By being handed over the mantle of serving as the president, this showed that Mr. McDonald was deserving of the position and it suited him best.


Far from being a great leader, Mr. McDonald is also a strategist. Since OSI Group has been expanding on a daily basis, Mr. McDonald has been able to take part in the entry of OSI Group in China. Additionally, establishing a branch in another country is one thing, which is why David McDonald saw it fit to bring forth the idea of acquiring various companies globally to sustain the global presence and growth of OSI Group. Among the companies that have been purchased under the tenure of David McDonald are such as Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a well-established company based in Europe. With that as the case, such an acquisition is bound to breed a stronger presence of OSI Group in Europe.

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