Diversant LLC. A Leader In IT Staffing

Diversant is a leading staffing company in the IT industry. It goes beyond staffing and helps connect companies with the most qualified IT professional and experts across the country. Diversant is one of the fastest growing minority-owned handling matters of IT staffing in the U.S.

Diversant is spearheaded by John Goullet who is the chairman and principal of the company. The organization focuses most on providing IT experts to the midmarket businesses and their partners and associates.

The company has been developing IT professionals over 20 years now; Diversant has specialized IT recruiters who train the IT personnel and equip them with the necessary information and knowledge. The specialized recruiters perfectly understand the technology and the targeted market and industries where the company makes placements.

The good reputation established by the company and its clients indicates that the organization has attractive opportunities for engaging premier companies across the nation.

Diversant LLC was founded by Gene C. Wandy who is a visionary entrepreneur. The company has seen dramatic growth all the time even when there is a market downturn and also developed a reputation for excellence.

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur who has gained significant experience in IT Sector. He has founded various numbers of organizations and also has worked in different organizations where he helped take a business to a whole new level. John founded Info Technologies which is an IT staffing firm that specialized in the provision of IT solutions to various organizations. Prior to establishing Info Technologies, John began his pursuing his professional career as an IT consultant, later on in 1994 he moved to IT staffing.

Tech Technologies experienced rapid growth, and within the next five years after establishment, the company earned position eight on Inc. Magazine which indicated a list of 500 fastest growing privately-owned companies in the US. Gene and John in 2010 merged their two companies to form Diversant LLC. John being a Diversant principal he is able to continue pursuing his passion and career of creating new ways to help companies with IT solutions and meet the ever growing IT challenges.

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