Eduardo Duda Melzer, The RBS Group’s CEO

Duda Melzer refers to the sitting Chairman as well as the President at RBS Group. He started working in the company at the first month of the year 2016. Before his service in the position, Nelson Sirtosky worked as the Chairman to the Directors’ Panel of the firm.

Notably, his grandfather is the individual behind the firm’s establishment. As well, he is a third generation participant of the lineage. The reason behind his success the individually exceptional dedication of his predecessor Nelson Sirotsky concerning the chairmanship duty in giving guidance to the editorial panel of the company.

According to Clicrbs, Duda Melzer is a graduate in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University. This is in addition to owning an MBA from the Harvard University in the United States. While at Harvard, he studied additional courses alongside leadership. They include Effective Strategies for Media Associations and appropriate ways of starting and managing organizations which are customer centered. He is presently the Founder and the Chairman at e.Bricks.

In a report by Estadao, after recruitment in their venture in 2004, he began as a Director General at the Countrywide Market. He worked as the Chairman for three years starting 2008 to 2010 after which he became the executive vice president. He, later on, became the RBS Group’s CEO in 2012. The previous year, he was promoted to the chairmanship post in the directors’ panel.

In addition to being a public speaker, he engages in countrywide and global conferences which are often supported by media organizations both in Brazil and universally. He is consistently grateful in the promotion of leadership capable of controlling labor more appropriately in the National Human Resources’ Association of Brazil.

His capabilities are of the knowledge and expertise from having worked at different firms such as Sweet Way. It is because the experience at the work environment is what shapes a person the proper way, and so is the case to Duda Melzer.

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