Fabletics: Finding Success

The Rise of Fabletics
One of the most popular online retailers on the market right now is Fabletics. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this company offers a vast variety of athleisure clothing. With spokesmodel Kate Hudson modeling their line, its no surprise that this well known company has found great success. One of the expansions they’ve done in the past year included adding retail stores in the United States. Formerly known as being strictly an online company that offered great incentives, the stores open up a whole new world for its consumers. Customers can now visit the store to try on products before they place their online orders. They can feel the material, see the patterns- it’s a very positive addition to the native set of videos about the brand.

While sales in the store continue to be great, since adding retail locations, its been proven that their online sales have skyrocketed as well. With only six available stores, Fabletics has big plans to add several more this coming summer, including one at the Mall of America. This new expansion has proven successful, but this is only the beginning for this multi-million dollar company. By the end of the year, Fabletics is set to rake in a modest two hundred and fifty million. Talk about success!

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Fabletics Plans to Open 100 Stores in the Next Few Years

Fabletics: Getting Started
Originally the site was started to remain an online subscription/shopping experience. While you may shop at your own leisure, you can also sign up to receive one outfit each and every month at a fixed rate. This has shown to be quite popular since athleisure clothing became an ongoing lifestyle trend. From yoga pants, to athleisure dresses, this location¬†of Fabletics at Mall of America¬†will have you so excited to get started on a subscription. The collections are constantly growing and constantly changing,, and the surprise of a new outfit each month really gets the consumers excited to participate. The cost has it’s own incentives as well. The fixed cost is typically less than that of your competitor brands, plus upon signup, you can usually receive a fairly large discount. Fabletics is where you will find the best quality athleisure clothing in patterns and colors that are bold, fun and stylish. Check it out today!

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.businessinsider.com/fabletics-turnaround-story-2016-5