Improving Prison Security With Securus.

Securus Technologies is an ICT company that is based in Texas. The technology company is well established, and it has over the last few years proved itself indispensable to correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. It has been at the center of facilitating and regulating communication within prisons. Through its hard work, it has been able to contain communication within prisons within the confines of the law.

Securus is best known for its innovation and its heavy investment to that effect. It spends a lot of money on patents and acquisitions. According to tax reports, the technology company has spent over 600 million dollars in patents and acquisitions alone. It has also entered partnerships with other companies to revamp its technology continuously. The partnerships have been fruitful as through them, Securus has been able to access and use state of the art technology to combat illegal communications in prisons. One such fruitful partnership was the one Securus entered with the Harris Corporation: it leads to the creation of the “Cell Defender.” The Cell Defender can be used to stop contraband phones from making any correspondence as it bars them from connecting with mobile networks.

According to PR Newswire, Securus develops new technology every week. The technology is said to be dedicated to keeping the prisons safe. Members of law enforcement forces are utterly impressed with the services that the company has to offer, and some even owe their lives to the technology. They claim that the technology has made them feel safe again as criminals with malicious intent from within and outside prisons have been stopped from planning coordinated attacks on inmates, correctional officers or their families. The services have also helped reduce corruption among the correctional officials and thus the widespread fraud and violence that came with it.

Letters written to Securus Technologies reveal an overall confidence among reformed inmates, correctional officers and the public over the recent state of prison affairs since the company kicked in. They all seem thankful to have the privilege of accessing the much-needed services that the company offers.


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