Jason Halpern, Restoring America One Property at A Time

Jason Halpern age 45, took over JMH Development in 2010 as a third generation step in for a company that has provided quality service for 50 plus years. JMH Development is a full-service real-estate development company devoted to large contract residential and commercial properties within the United States. As a full-service real-estate company, they design, build, and market each and every property they develop, eventually selling. Innovation and luxury are key factors in their development style as well as the preservation of and restoration of historical properties, creating deep ties within the community.


Originally contained to New York, Halpern has expanded his company’s reach in properties beyond and now has holdings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach. In assets, JMH Development now has $500 million in projects within the confines of the state of New York. Other investments include the miraculous transformation and restoration of the Motel Ankara, a hotel once fashionable in 1954 that had since fallen into disrepair. Unlike most relaters, when the market fell through and he could not peruse his plans to transform the sight into boutique condominiums, he waited out the recession and changed tactics. While the market in Miami was fairly desaturated, JMH Development went to work with Mitchell Hochberg’s Madden Real Estate Ventures to outfit the property into a luxury, yet historical hotel.


After completion, on September 22, 2016 the newly renamed Aloft South Beach Hotel sold for $105 million to the Boston real estate investment company Rockpoint Group. The following day Hilton claimed the hotel under it’s Doubletree and thusly renamed it The Gates Hotel.


Other challenging properties Halpern can be credited for include 184 Kent Avenue, of Brooklyn, New York. The waterfront warehouse is a 100 year old nationally significant building and historical sight. Purchased in 2008, the renovation took place over two years and was completed in 2010. The historic warehouse is now the home to 338 luxury apartments and was filled within the first year of being open after renovation took place. Within the residential area, Halpern commissioned a double height wall art piece from the Brooklyn Arts Council, so as to include the culture of Brooklyn into his building. After a year of rotations, the space was finally home to artist AJ Bocchino. As well as residential space, 184 Kent has also been developed into 17,000 square feet of commercial space. Once completed, Jason Halpern was awarded the Building Brooklyn Award for Adaptive Reuse.


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