Jon Urbana’s Prowess In Video Shooting

Jon Urbana is a renowned professional entrepreneur in Denver, Colorado. Other than the business he is also talented and gifted video producer. He is currently heading business development for Ellipse USA, a privately owned company that provides IPL and laser system. He is also a co-founder of one of the first Colorado summer youth lacrosse programs. Urbana was a professional player in lacrosse for the Villanova Wildcats. He is a certified pilot and is registered with the FAA in their Airmen Certification Database.

Jon Urbana loves using Twitter and actively supports philanthropic projects and mobilizes funds to support local organizations and their cause. His love for animals has made his raise funds to support animal rescue and adoption. Living in a beautiful and healthy environment is always close to his heart. Urbana has passion and runs an Earth Force mission that empowers youth on the importance of an independent future for clean energy.

He has a website where interested people can visit and make donations for the cause. Urbana has helped players refine and sharpen their skills according to their tastes, field position, interest, and style. He has received many awards and recognition for his contribution to these games, for example, Tewaaranton Award mentioned in All-American honors and was defensive player of the year in Colonial Athletic Association.

Apart from business and sports, Jon Urbana is interested with videos and has recorded quite a few of them. They are interesting videos worth watching, and most of them are about the beauty of the environment, for example, The Stunning Mountains of Alaska.

It is all about the lovely rock of Alaska. In his description, he talks about how he loves them and says there are no beautiful mountains like those. There is also another video showing a cross-country skiing in Alaska.

The footage was shot by Jon Urbana and displays the serene atmosphere of skiing where lovers of this game can sharpen their skills. The snow capped mountain with the skiing athlete demonstrating their skills shows a lovely environment.

There is also a beautiful video of a moose that is feeding on shrubs. It describes his love for wildlife and his contribution towards wildlife.


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    A Look at Downtown Vegas by Day is also an interesting video worth watching that shows the lovely environment of Vegas. Only watching the video can describe it better. That means that scam have to be like what they really need and have what is required for them to pass the judgement.

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