Kamil Idris Understands The Critical Importance Of Intellectual Property Laws

Kamil Idris has discussed the way President Trump’s new tariffs will affect China. These were issued because President Trump believes the United States technology acquisitions by China are unfair and harmful. The estimate for the losses to the United States for the Chinese theft is $225 million to $600 billion. IP or intellectual property theft has high tariffs. The Chinese imports will be imposed for $50 billion. This is a punishments for the county’s alleged theft of United States IP. These violations include counterfeiting popular brands, stealing trade secrets putting pressure on businesses to share technologies with the firms in China to help them access the American market.

President Trump has fulfilled his promise to impose a tax of 25 percent on imported steel and ten percent on aluminum. Canada and Mexico were not included in this tariff. The sanctions caused dissent among the Republican lawmakers, business leaders and economists. The concern is President Trump may have set the wheels in motion for a global trade war. Kamil Idris has expertise regarding IP. This can be created by foreigners or Americans by counterfeiting luxury items, pharmaceuticals, film, record piracy and software.

The traditional response is for the United States Trade Representative to protest China has failed to prevent the piracy of items to the United States. This generally leads to a memorandum of understanding where China agrees to find a way to stop piracy. If the violation continue after three years another agreement is established with more specific parameters. Kamil Idris will attest to the importance of intellectual property. In the current situation, the Chinese domestic copyright firms are competing against foreign merchandise cheaper than what they are manufacturing. Pressure was placed on the Chinese government by these firms to strengthen and enforce their own IP regulations. The same situation occurred in the United States roughly one hundred years ago. Foreign products did not receive protection until 1895. It took another hundred years for the United States to join the treaty for international copyright.

Professor Kamil Idris is a Sudanese scholar, statesman and international civil servant born in August of 1954. From November of 1997 through September of 2008 he served the World Intellectual Property Organization as the Director General. He then attended the Khartoum University in Sudan where he earned his Bachelor of Law. During his education he also earned his Philosophy, Economic Theories and Political Science Bachelors. He additionally holds an International Law Doctorate.



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