Kate Hudson on Why She Started Fabletics

Different fashion business owners have their reasons for getting involved with the fashion industry. Movie star and style icon Kate Hudson has her reason for starting Fabletics. Her story is an inspiring story for people who may have been interested in fashion, but have found themselves intimidated by how complicated it seems to them. Kate Hudson recalls that she would talk about fashion and then realize that she is so passionate about it. This was one sign that she would do well in the fashion industry. Another sign was in one of the observations she has made about the industry including the costs.


One thing that Kate Hudson has said is that it can be very hard for people to find high quality affordable fashion, especially in the active wear division. Among the things she has talked about is $250 yoga pants. Even if this is something she might have said in jest, it is not a rare thing to find a piece of clothing that costs more than $200. Also, Kate Hudson understands the frustration of not being able to buy the type of clothes one desires and having to settle for something that she does not even like just to keep herself covered. This is where she started coming up with ideas for her own fashion line.


Another thing that has influenced her decision on fashion is in noticing the types of clothes that are being offered in the active wear section. She has noticed that the section is limited even more so than other categories of clothing. Therefore, she has decided that this is where she is going to focus. With Fabletics, she has brought about a ton of diversity in the types of clothes that she is offering. She has looked to the concept of athleisure in order to help her with the decision on the types of clothes she is going to offer customers.


The success of Fabletics is the result of careful planning and expert marketing. Kate Hudson herself has not let the establishment of the brand be the end of her efforts. She has understood that the work in the fashion industry is only beginning. While she has seen success in her company, she has also looked at other aspects of the industry in order to see what she can do to expand her effectiveness. Among the things she has done was make clothes for plus sized women and spread awareness of breast cancer.

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