Logan Stout, Man With A Good Core

Who is a business owner, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and a leadership trainer? The answer, Logan Stout. That may sound like a lot of hats to wear for one person. But this Philadelphia Life Magazine, “Man of the Year,” juggles all of this with ease and grace.

Logan Stout strives to inspire and empower people to help them reach their full potential. He’s published a book, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Team,” and also puts out videos to help people find their best core self.

In 2013, he talked about an experience he had when biting into an apple. Most of us would not gain any sort of profound enlightenment or spiritual epiphany from such a mundane task, but we are not Logan Stout. What he perceived from that single act was a poignant revelation. This crisp, beautiful apple, when bitten in to, turned out to be brown and mushy inside. What’s so significant about that? Logan explained, “It made me think of the word SUBSTANCE….People think that what the outside apple looks like is so important, but it’s not. It’s what it tastes like. What’s it like at it’s core?”

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From that apple he felt a challenge, “What kind of apple are you?” He asked people to think about it. Do they look great on the skin but inside are nasty, or are they a little scarred, maybe have a few dings, but inside they’re crisp with a good core. He says God desires us to be, “people of substance.” He goes on to say, “People that have success in life they’re made of substance. They’re made of great things….What matters is what we are, at our core.”

With projects such as the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, which Logan Stout founded, he mentors and leads youths. He is an Honorary Chair of the Boys and Girls Club, and active with the American Heart Association of North Texas. He has also founded the Youth Athletes Foundation and other charitable organizations. Clearly, Logan Stout has a good core.

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