Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru successfully attained a BS in Finance in 2007 from Georgetown University in the School of Business. After graduating he joined his friends to begin Sweetgreen a famous salad food chain.

The restaurant gets its ingredients around the local town because they trust it is the best. Furthermore, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet also began an event by the name Sweetlife, this event is all about music festivals and of course food, the community is able to come together to be at this event. Various top music artists are also included not forgetting the best chefs too. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The three friends met at the university and more specifically at their entrepreneurship class. They had something in common which is having parents who are great business people and this made their dream easy to achieve.

After graduating, the launching of their fast food chain was held. The trio has specific principles that they obey and they also ensure that their employees follow them, they are; thinking sustainably, keeping it real, making an impact, adding the sweet and ‘win, win win’.

Sweetgreen is an incredible food chain and very helpful, so may pass bye to get their salads and more importantly students stop by after they are done with their lectures. The trio has their salad delivered fresh, organic and healthy.

Sweetgreen is now inclusive of the best food chain in the food industry. Big names such as Danny Meyer, Steve CAS, and Daniel Boulud support the developing business. Their great recipe is extraordinary. The food chain is now in over 40 places.

Nathaniel Ru clarifies that the firm is working on good products that will go around the community as well as other organizations whether local or traditional. The business operation of Sweetgreen is carried out via a website or a mobile app.

Nathaniel Ru and his colleagues ensure that their customers are always served first. They have a situation whereby every year 5 times they close their offices so that together with their employees they can work in the restaurant. The company has presently started a branch in Los Angeles to create more success.

Sweetgreen ensured their staff members have better bonding among them these will make them work swiftly and also Nathaniel Ru provides better environs for them to work hence these motivates them in delivering better services. Lastly, Sweetgreen also ensures that they pay their workers enough salary to take care of the family fully.

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