Personalized Merchandising with Sentient AI Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it has come to be known, is part of a growing trend in computer technology which takes advantage of quantum computing and heuristic (brain-based) algorithms to bring computers who think like us to help us in a more personalized way.

Personalized Merchandising is Cheaper for Both Buyers and Sellers

AI technology can use personalized merchandising to actually shop for and buy the best products with the highest five star ratings from other users in a way that reduces costs by at least 40%. In addition to this, AI technology can be used by sellers to achieve the same success with wholesale prices from the merchandise they choose to retail to sell online. This brings a whole new way of considering technology as a way to reduce corruption and political gain in business. AI can be used to only show reputable sites and wholesale options, which reduces the power of illegitimate enterprise.

Personalized AI Can Reduce Time Spent Shopping and Returning Purchases

One of the reasons why old-school shoppers prefer to buy in-store is that they can at least try on their purchases and know right away that they have what they want, rather than what they “think might possibly fit them.” With the resourcing that artificial intelligence provides, you can buy online, change in your home, get real feedback from friends and family, and simply box up and ship back anything you don’t want. It’s old-school shopping in the modern age, for both men and women.

As a Seller, You Can Use AI to Re-target Your Online Shoppers

While there is advertising re-targeting software available for high prices online today, AI technology brings personalized merchandising to a whole new level, reminding your would-be customers that they can still pick up their saved carts and that they can continue shopping with you! This is especially important because up to 80% of a online business’ retail sales comes from customers returning to their abandoned carts. So, therefore, it’s pretty important to use AI technology to get your business back on the map!

The more “sentient” artificial intelligence becomes, the more customized it can be and the more you will be able to profit from it, as both a buyer and a seller. This is not to even mention the ethical profit from AI technology, where personalized merchandising can reduce even inadvertent purchasing of cruelty-trade products. Read more about Sentient at

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