Rick Smith: Transforming the Correctional Facility Communications

Communication inside correctional facilities is vital, and because of the high demand for communication services, firms specializing in this field started to multiply in the past few years. One of these communication technology companies is Securus Technologies, which is based in the state of Texas. Today, Securus Technologies is one of the largest and most successful telecommunications companies whose operations are taking place inside correctional facilities. One of the main reasons of their success is the brand of leadership that they have. Rick Smith is Securus Technologies’ current chief executive officer, and he is a role model on how to manage large companies. He was a previous employee at Eschelon Telecom Inc., serving as their president, but he was later invited by Securus Technologies to join the tech company because they have seen the potential in him. Securus Technologies made the right decision as Rick Smith is leading them to another level of success that they have never witnessed before.

Under Rick Smith, Securus Technologies aim to innovate video calling, and they have been working on it for years. Because of the introduction of Skype and other similar applications, the demand for video calling increased, and it even challenges voice calling to be on top. Securus Technologies is proud to announce that their video calling technology is one of the best technology on the planet. The connection between one device to another is strong enough, that every movement in a video call happens in real time without delay. Authorities across American correctional facilities are also planning to replace the traditional face to face visits with video calling. They are saying that it will be more secure for the inmates and the guards as well if they will just do video calling. They also stated that the plan would save a lot of time and money, and it will be beneficial for the authorities, the inmates, and their families.

Securus Technologies is also working on other inventions, like the high resolution surveillance cameras with facial recognition technology and a biometrics machine that would help authorities trace down inmates who are planning to escape. It would also help them organize the inmates and would lessen the chances of someone escaping.The leadership of Rick Smith also made Securus Technologies an international company. They have been operating as far as Canada, and they have been talking with other governments for their service. Rick Smith also spearheaded the investing of $600 million to protect their patents and inventions. In just a short period of time, Securus Technologies have grown exponentially, unrecognizable from their earlier status. Rick Smith vows to introduce more devices from their company to improve the state of safety inside the correctional facilities, and to promote a healthy, high tech society.

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