Roberto Santiago Taking the Real Estate Landscape of Brazil to Another Level With Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a name to reckon with in Brazil when it comes to the real estate sector. As an entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago started his career in the field of packaging and manufacturing but soon switched to real estate. As a visionary and smart entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago understood that the booming economy of the country would boost the spending capacity of the people and the prices of the real estate. It is what convinced him to make some massive investments in the field of real estate. It paid him well, and in the plot, he purchased in the city of Joao Pessoa, which is where he grew up, Roberto Santiago builds the biggest mall in the city by the name of Manaira Shopping Mall.


The mall he constructed is not only the biggest in the city of Joao Pessoa but also the largest one in the state of Paraiba. The Manaira Shopping Mall has been developed a lot of planning and is inspired by the shopping malls one sees in the western countries. The Manaira Shopping Mall is massive and has just about everything a mall should have, and much more. A wide variety of local cuisines are available at its food court, and numerous shops are selling different categories of items, starting from fashion to groceries, and even automobiles, in the mall. It is a one stop junction for all thing entertainment and is a popular place for hangout among the residents of the city.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is majestic to look at and is magnificent in its rights. It almost seems endless, and people need a couple of days to go through it all. If you are a movie buff and love to watch the latest movies, you would like what the Manaira Shopping Mall has to offer. It has eight screens, and two of these movie theatres have 3D technology with Dolby Surround System, ensuring that you enjoy the real-life like movie watching experience. The best part is that you can order food from your seat and get the food delivered to your seat. There is a massive selection of food and various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you can order at affordable prices. The Manaira Shopping Mall ensures that the customers are well taken care of and that the guests enjoy their time at the mall, whether it is food court or the movie theatre.


The security at the Manaira Shopping Mall is also very tight, and people can be sure that they have nothing to worry about when at the mall. The food court of the mall is the place where hundreds and thousands of people come every day to enjoy the sumptuous and reasonably priced food.



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