Securus Technologies Does Good Deed In Aftermath of Dire Flooding

Securus Technologies of Dallas, TX has been serving the North American correctional industry for around three decades. During that time, the company has developed a number of advanced and innovative services to help inmate communicate with friends, family, and counsel. The creation of “video visitation” programs are among the most welcome arrivals. Securus Technologies is likely most well-known for its phone services. Reliability and consistent performance in inmate phone call facilitation has helped Securus Technologies develop a fantastic name.

The name of Securus Technologies is going to soon shine even brighter as word gets out about the amazing charitable endeavor the company is getting involved with. Basically, the company will be giving free phone calls to prisoners serving time in Louisiana so they can check up on persons close to them who may have suffered mightily due to the recent Louisiana flood disaster.

PR Newswire discusses the particulars of the calls. Inmates are afforded one free call per day. The total dollar amount of free calls Securus Technologies intends to give is in the range of $300,000.

Louisiana was hit very hard by recent flooding. The interiors of many homes were outright destroyed. Being able to stay in touch with those affected by the flooding helps reduce a great deal of anxiety on the part of inmates limited in their ability to help.

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