Solo Capital Sanjay Shah


A leading investment firm that is located in Central London and Dubai is called Solo Capital. Their highly experienced experts have multitudes and years of high end consulting and proprietary trading. That is what they specialize in. They solely concentrate on trading and consulting, as well as sports consulting. Sanjay Shah is the chief executive operator, president and founder of Solo Capital. The highly reputable company has been conducting business for many years, and continues to build its client satisfaction.

As a Kenyan native, Sanjay Shah migrated to Central London with his family to pursue a different way of life. He initially went to Boston College in Central London to study medicine, but soon found that it wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore. He switched his major to accounting and finance and started studying those measures. He graduated with his degree and went on to work for an accounting firm to support his family. After working in the financial industry for many years, and enduring the commute along with the everyday grind, he decided to that he wanted to start his on brokerage firm. So he did, and he named it Solo Capital. He can rest assured that he’s glad he did, because Solo Capital has surged into the million dollar market and now has an estimated net worth of $280 million. He felt the need that he was able to retire, or at least semi-retire and spend some much needed time with his family and young children. He had spent some time in the music industry which came in handy for his next venture, which would be a newly founded charity.

His new found charity was called Autism Rocks. It is a private invite only concert that helps raise donations for the research and development of autism. It has become a very close issue to him as his youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. It became as quite a shock to himself and wife when they heard the news. It’s a fairly new condition but becoming more and more widely known. More people each year are being diagnosed with the condition and his charity will help aid in the research and development, along with donations to universities/ The charity will also help families and patients cope with autism. It can be a hard thing to fully understand, and Shah wants to raise awareness so that more people understand and can look for the symptoms early. His future involves staging more concerts with some very famous musicians and will continue the success of the charity thanks to much support and many of his friends, along with his line of credit. He has donated his own money to the cause, but now Autism Rocks donations can help with that too.