Successful Female Entrepreneur Doe Deere Speaks Out

Thanks to Doe Deere’s flamboyant Lime Crime, Self-Made magazine named Ms. Deere one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs of our time. Lime Crime, with its unique unicorn designs and bold color line of make-up, has proved Doe Deere is more than just another pretty painted face. Doe Deere, the entrepreneur and artist behind the Lime Crime make-up label, speaks out on female entrepreneurship at Galore Magazine online, and she reveals her secret to success during the interview with Stephanie Janetos.

When asked by Stephanie Janetos if her upbringing influenced Ms. Deere’s success, she replied that she was always an imaginative child, and her interest in art led her to experiment with color for clothing and make-up. When at a slumber party, Ms. Deere and her friends decided they were witchy and dressed up in ragged long skirts and tops. The young Ms. Deere wasn’t satisfied with the dress-up results, and she pulled out her make-up bag and did up their faces. She wanted a dark look, and painted their faces up with a jagged look in pinks and browns. She recalls that the make-up made the experience memorial and not the spirits that failed to appear to young women’s conjuring.

Ms. Deere recalls her best make-up moment as when she started experimenting with rhinestones and glitter applied to her face. She applied the rhinestones to her forehead, and she used different color glitters to accent the base make-up. Ms. Deere credits studying theatrical make-up for the idea behind her experimentation.

As to the name of her make-up line, “Lime Crime”, she states it just popped into her head when she was creating a store on Ebay, and the name was available when she went to register the domain. She loves the social media feedback from the internet, and the advantages and challenges from immediate feedback.

If you love color and defy convention, Ms. Deere says you are true unicorn.

Ms. Deere names Dita von Teese as her inspiration as well her followers on social media, and she isn’t afraid of criticism. She gets far more excited when her supporters speak out than her critics, and her fans far out-number her naysayers.

Ms. Deere says she was surprised to find her face on the cover of Self-Made Magazine, and the feeling was surreal to be named alongside women like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. She loves what she does, and she is thrilled at being recognized. She hopes to be a role model for young women who want to start up their own businesses.

Read the entire interview between Galore Magazine’s Stephanie Janetos and Doe Deer at Galore Magazine online.


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