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Davos Financial Group is a corporation that provides adequate and reliable Financial advisory services to its clientele. These clients are oftentimes individuals who don’t speak English as their primary language, and are for the most part members of the Latino American community. In order to better support these customers, David Osio, see it when founder of the company, has recently announced the launching of a new and reliable application that is supported on both Android and Apple devices. The application is called Davos CAp calculator, which allows customers to successfully estimate Returns on real estate. Well this is only one service at the company itself offers, it is a useful tool for individual customers as it allows them to build necessary personal finance skills that can help them in the future.


David Osio began his career in the professional world as a lawyer representing individuals who were under served within his home country of Venezuela. It was during his time as a lawyer that if you realized that his purpose in life was to serve others. The Latino American Community is one of the most under served and misrepresented ethnic groups within America. Osio decided to do his best to help build better and brighter futures for these people, moving to Miami, Florida and developing his financial conglomerate as an answer to that problem.


The type of support that Osio provides for his customers includes basic Financial advisory, such as whether or not it would make sense for a client to spend money on a real estate property, or if it would be a wise decision to start a small business. Davis Financial Group offers translation and interpretation options for customers who don’t speak English very well, making it a very flexible and reliable company for those who are looking to make ground within a country that they still do not fully understand.


The work that Davos Financial Group and David Osio provide a better future for Latino Americans looking to succeed and Thrive within the United States. As minority groups increase in size each and every year it would make sense to try and offer them the best support in order to increase comfortability and representation.

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