Susan McGalla is behind the new Steelers closet

The Steelers are making the best out of fashion; the team has launched a website and a clothing line to connect their fans and the team in a more interacting way. Steelers look forward to winning the first home game this season. The team has made tremendous steps in ensuring they score high points with their fans unique fashion style. The strategic move has been facilitated by the new Steeler’s director of strategic planning Susan McGalla. Steelers are upping their game starting with their fan’s dressing code. The whole team looks amazing and stunning with the new outfits introduced. I bet this is doing great improvements to the team’s performance. The team has a chance of showing the world its other side unlike the common football aspect that people see. The Steelers now have the opportunity of showing its fashion sense and style. Susan has made it happen; she has brought the family side of the team. Fashion has drawn the family together. Susan has a significant role to play in the organization; her skills are of much importance in the team’s success. She has vast experience in the field of fashion and strategic planning, this will benefit the team in various ways. Her career history is marked by dedication, results, and hard work. She has a lot of expertise in business management, fashion branding, and retail positioning. Susan has worked in various companies and organization displaying her outstanding skills. Susan McGalla has worked with the American eagle outfitters where she employed creativity to build the women’s and accessory businesses. Susan’s tireless work ethic and confidence attracted various job offers but, she decided to be a private consultant for financial investment and retail industries. Today Susan McGalla is working for the Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and growth. Her primary goal is to foster and develop their iconic brand. Susan has ensured that there is a revolution in the world of sports; every fan looks trendy with the new outfits. Both ladies and men want to blend in the outfits for the Steelers. Every aspect of fashion has been brought out in this amazing clothes.


  • Jack Lingard says:

    The two women and men need to mix in the outfits for the Steelers. Each part of form has been brought out in this stunning garments. It is also heartwarming for top custom essays for all the time for and it is so important for them all which is so cool.

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