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Mike Baguley’s Career Progression At Barclays

In recent years Barclays has been shaking up its executive leadership in order to address a number of problems that have cropped up over the years. They also seek to focus on areas where less regulation has been put in place around the world since the financial crisis and do less trading activities. They have hired a headhunting company called Spencer Stuart who is looking for new top executives in a variety of high-level positions at this bank. Right now Jes Staley is chief executive officer of Barclays and he is expected to continue in this role for the foreseeable future.

Mike Bagguley is an executive at Barclays. He has a bachelor of science degree in mathematics that he earned at the University of Warwick in 1988. After earning his degree he entered the financial industry. He has worked as a financial company executive around the world including stops in New York, Johannesburg, Tokyo, and London. He first started working for Barclays in 2001 when he joined their fixed income trading desk.

In 2014, Mike Bagguley took over Barclay’s macro groups project. This division was created as part of the strategic overhaul Barclay’s has been engaged in. This group manages commodities, rates, foreign exchanges, and credit. The goal was for Mike Bagguley to streamline operation in a segment of their business that had faced both structural decline and cyclical decline at the same time.

His success managing the macro products group led to Mike Bagguley earning a well-deserved promotion the very next year. In 2015 it was announced that he was being named as Barclays’ new chief operating officer. He has been managing the overall operations of Barclays since that time. Once he was named to this position he set about overhauling this bank’s strategies so that they could quickly remake it into the company they envisioned it to be. He reports directly to CEO Jes Staley.

More about Mike Baggulely be learned on his Crunchbase profile.


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