The Long Road To Recovery

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings President and CEO Andy Wirth appears to have the perfect life sitting high in the mountains spending his days in charge of one of the most famous and historic ski resorts in North America. Things have not always been so perfect for Andy Wirth, his love of outdoor activities and adventure almost cost him his life and has prompted him to take on a challenging triathlon in support of those who serve the US. Wirth recovery from a skydiving accident is something that not many could have achieved and shows the strength of character that has led to his almost complete recovery and ambition to help others with his story and actions.

In October 2013, Andy Wirth was spending some time completing one of his favorite activities of skydiving when he noticed high winds had blown him off course. An experienced skydiver, Wirth searched for a good landing spot, but was forced to come down in a vineyard where a collision with a wooden post and the vines saw his arm removed from his body. After laying alone ion the vineyard for 15 minutes Wirth was rescued and airlifted to hospital where the arm was reattached and is now in almost perfect working order, according to Ironman.The sense of adventure has not robbed Wirth of his confidence as he completed a relay triathlon as the cyclist in a three man team raising funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. The triathlon was completed in appreciation of a group of Navy Seals Wirth met and was inspired by during his rehabilitation. The CEO of Squaw Valley understands how important his role is to the area and works to make sure the first European style ski resort in North America remains as popular as ever before. The Sierra Sun reports joining the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority will allow Andy Wirth to use his considerable experience as an international resort manager to help bring more visitors to the region and benefit all those businesses relying on tourism for success.


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