The passion and dedication of Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin

Throughout their lives Jim and Michael’s careers have been highlighted by numerous events starting from those that spurred them into journalism following the 1970 Kent state killings. These events would lead the two into a path of investigative journalism that would seek to get down to the bottom of every matter they set their eyes on and with the sole purpose of establishing the truth and then reporting this truth without the fear or favor of individuals whether in power or otherwise.

There humble campus publication would soon grow into a well established publication that covered events coast to coast. Their ability to focus on an issue and investigate it with the efficiency it deserved made them very popular among their readers, but this would inevitably rub many especially those in public office who had things to hide the wrong way. Interestingly the same would rub the sheriff’s department the wrong way.

The department that was being run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio had seen a lot of changes for the worse since he took over in 1992. He had run on a platform of change, and many had hoped that he would run a professional department that was anchored on state and federal laws and in doing so secure the safety of the residents of Maricopa County. This would however never materialize as the sheriffs instead choose to lead the department into another direction.

The Maricopa sheriff department would soon metamorphose into a department that abetted the racial profiling of the Hispanic populace in the county. The county is located in the state of Arizona, and as thus it’s a county within a border state this meant that the county was bound to have a significant Hispanic community based on this dynamic. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The sheriff would, however, take it upon himself and make it his duty to make as many deportations as possible on the war against illegal immigration that a war that he made the rules and implemented them however he saw fit. This mindset would see the department used to run a campaign that saw illegal arrests and detentions as well as illegal raids on businesses that were viewed as likely to hire illegal immigrants.

The sheriff went further and always ensured that his campaign for office was anchored on the ability to sow discord among members of his community and those he viewed as outsiders. The campaign would leave the community of Maricopa worse with every election cycle as it meant that those that he would convince would be as hostile to the Hispanic community as he was interestingly most did even understand what precisely they were opposed to.

It was thus crucial for Michael and Jim two men who had covered the sheriff to a vast extent that he gets justice for all his actions. When the courts found him guilty for violating the orders of a federal court it was just another confirmation of how far the sheriff was willing to go to push his racist agenda.

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