The Professional Life Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a financial specialist based in San Diego, California. Below is information about his early life, specialties, professional life and much more.Bonar is a finance executive, and he is extremely popular and successful within the industry. His company is Trucept, Incorporated. His background in business leadership and he has lead various companies, including Dalrada Financial Corporation.As for his early life, Bonar has a strong technical background. He studied at the James Watt Technical College, which is where he earned a BA in Technical Engineering. From there, he want to attend Stafford University, which is where he earned his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar’s specialties include acquisitions, as well as mergers. Whether it’s in business or in his personal life, he takes a creative approach to everything. He combines the brains of an engineer with the creativeness of an architect.

Brian Bonar’s Professional Life

IBM is where Bonar’s career began. While there, he worked as a procurement manager and his duties involved outsourcing motherboards for many of the computers sold and produced by IBM. From there, he took a job at QMS and for years he worked as the company’s director of engineering. While at QMS, he managed 100 engineers that were involved with developing hardware and software.Bonar left QMS in 1989, and he started to work at the Rastek Corporation. He served as the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. He eventually left the company and started to work as the sales manager at Adaptec.

In 1994, Bonar launched his own company called Bezier Systems. He ended up creating the very first SCSI based printer. Eventually he started working at ITEC imaging technologies, as well as Allegiant Professional Business Services. He worked at Allegiant as the president and he worked on improving the company’s sales, as well as marketing efforts.In 2011, Bonar became the CEO of Trucept. His company provides temporary staffing to companies located throughout San Diego. His company also offers insurance products to those in the city.

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