The revival of AmEx card by Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch was born on March 23rd in 1953. He was raised in Wayne Pennsylvanian. His family was middle class. His father John Burch a roman catholic was among the ten middle classes children of the Baltimore family. He owned a distributor of mining supplies and equipment.

Mr. Burch entrepreneur breakthrough came about in 1976 while he was still an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Burch and his brother invested $2000 to start up Eagle’s Eye apparel. They bought sweaters at $10 and then sold them for $15. With the increase in sales Burch decided to increase the output by producing a new brand of sweaters known an ‘preppy.’ They distributed the sweaters door to door on campus. This operation soon expanded to other campuses and eventually led to the opening of stores. Ten years later their sales increased to $140 million. More to read on

This lead to the opening of additional 50 stores. Later, the company was partially sold to Swire in 1989 for around $60 million. Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch creative capital, and he is also the founder of a luxury fashion brand.  Learn more about the diversity of his investment, visit the website, click on

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Mr. Burch has been using the American co. AXP card 0.21% cards since the year 1979, but this year, saw him switch all his spending to J.P. Morgan and CO.’s Sapphire Reserve Card. For the AmEx incoming chairman Mr. Stephen Squeri, regaining customers like Mr. Burch is a huge challenge. The company has put up $1 billion that mainly focuses on the pre-paid card.

AmEx issues cards to businesses and consumers, this are cards that have either been paid for or those that should be paid on a monthly basis. Apart from running its own network it makes loans for people and companies. It’s expected that the company will do significant reviews for the company. This will be achieved by regaining the cachet of AmEx brands. This is especially for established customers who have been wooed by other companies providing better banking services.

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The company is also investing in Costco cards for the big lenders. The companies lending push has seen increased earnings recently. The company relies more on lending and this remains to be the full effect. This will also increase their purchase level.

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